PPC Guru: Should You Really Hire Him?

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It’s no secret that you can outsource your online marketing campaign entirely.

Some people choose to outsource everything by awarding a contract to one company – other people like to do certain things themselves whilst outsourcing other bits. Some people decide to find a specialist in each online marketing field and outsource components of their online marketing campaign to them.

One area of online marketing that should not be neglected is PPC – which stands for pay per click. There are lots of PPC networks out there including Bing Ads and Google AdWords – they’re a fantastic source of highly targeted traffic.

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What is a PPC guru?

A PPC guru is basically just someone who works on PPC campaigns for a living. Some companies out there will have a dedicated PPC expert – other gurus decide to freelance or work from home.

Finding a PPC guru isn’t that hard – a simple internet search will bring up pages and pages of listings of people who are offering such a service.

A good PPC guru should do a number of different things for you – these include:

  • Look at existing campaigns and either rework them or start new campaigns from scratch
  • They should discuss keywords with you to ensure that they’re going after the correct terms
  • Find out how much you can realistically afford to spend to ensure the project remains within budget
  • Constantly keep you updated with progress and tell you what improvements are being made

Remember the services of a PPC guru may not look cheap – but the reality is they will probably be able to cut down wastage in your campaign whilst researching some great new keywords to target.

The money you save by eliminating those rubbish keywords from your campaign could pay for the monthly retainer.

Usually PPC gurus will charge a set monthly fee, then on top of that you’ll have to pay a percentage of your total PPC spend.

Remember you pay the PPC bills yourself – they don’t pay them for you.

Finding a reliable PPC guru

It’s fair to say that there are pages upon pages of fake reviews out there for PPC gurus, so the best way to find someone reliable is to go through a word of mouth recommendation.

It pays to ask other business owners what kind of PPC success they’ve had and who they’ve used to execute their campaigns.

Any good PPC guru out there should be able to give you written recommendations and testimonials from their previous clients – they should also be able to give you a rough idea of how they can improve your existing campaign.

The fact is that a lot of people ignore PPC because they perceive it to be expensive.

Whilst it might cost a lot of money to get things going, once you start seeing the benefits of highly targeted paid traffic, you’ll wonder why you didn’t hire a PPC guru a whole lot sooner.

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