Post Types: 9 You Should Use On Your Next Posts

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How many types of posts do you know? Four? Five? Maybe even six? Next question – how many of them do your use on your posts? Well, here are some post types you should definitely use on your next blog posts!

1. Long and well-researched posts

No one can resist reading any post that has a catchy headline and an introduction that states that this post can help them. They will read them no matter how long or short the post is. These posts, especially very long ones, help you get visitors returning, because they can’t read it all at one time – they bookmark them to continue reading later. Just make sure to write valuable content!

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Tip: Don’t write about something you have never tried and don’t know if it works

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2. Lists

List posts are very popular these days. Look articles on sites like Squidoo – at least one of their most popular articles is a list. By the way, top 10 posts are also lists!

3. How-tos

What do you do when you don’t know how to do something? Probably you ask someone or search one the Internet. That’s why how-to articles are so popular! Divide an action in steps and you have a how-to post! Just remember to write them without complicated words so even a kid can understand.

Tip: Write something related to your niche

4. Personal experience or mistakes you have made in your niche

Are you thinking nobody cares about yout mistakes? You’re wrong. People love personal stories and learning from mistakes. Consider adding a post of this type to your blogging schedule or even write your next post like this!

5. FAQs or Q&As

If you find yourself answering to the same questions related to a topic again and again – why not write a FAQ post! If someone asks you the same question again, you can send them a link to that post and so get one more visitor or even a subscriber to your blog.

6. Reviews

We all use some kinds of products – computers, books, blogging software and others. If you have something to say about a product – write a review of it! Just make sure you don’t go off your blog’s topic.

Tip: You can also make reviews of websites – some are even paying money for you to do that!

7. Projects

The basic idea is like this: you participate in/make a project, share your results and make a post series.

Tip: You can also ask your readers to participate and share their experience and results!

8. Contests

People love contests, especially if the prize is valuable. Get a popular topic, choose a good prize and post it! You can ask your readers to submit their entries either in the comments section or via a contact form or email.

9. Posts with videos

I am personally not a big fan of them because of my very slow Internet connection but I have any friends who just love them! Remember to not write too much text because the video will be the main part of the post.

Tip: You can combine other post types with video posts to make something more useful, for example you could make a how-to video post or a review video. The choice is yours.

What post types do you use on your blog? Which ones do you find the most effective? Comment below!

This post is written by Deina, the owner of PublishTheInternet and her niche is writing online.

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  1. Marky Quest

    I totally agree with your points

    1. nice, thanks

  2. Eric Lopez

    It’s posts like these that have helped me grow as a blogger! I appreciate the info and am constantly working on implementing these types of posts into my blog

    1. Eric, you do realize that stuffing your comment with link(s) to your own blog is rather impolite, right?

    2. Eric Lopez

      Honestly, no. I’m new to blogging and social media and aside from writing about things I absolutely love, everything else is new to me. I appreciate your feedback and now know.

    3. No worries, Eric. We all had to start at some point :)

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