Post Structure: Do You Know How To Do It Right?

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I regularly check in with a lot of other blogs and I even click through on those comment links and visit new ones. And sometimes I just want to grab that new blogger and give him (or her) a good shake.

I know they all have the best intentions but they don’t seem to realize that when you add structure (and proper grammar and spelling!) to your blog post it makes it easier for your visitor to read and absorb your information. What about you?

structure a blog post

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Do you know how to structure a blog post? Let me give you a few tips.

Start With The Title

I know some folks say to save the title for last but you know what? They’re wrong. Just read their post and you’ll see what I mean. If you leave the title for last then you start out writing about one idea and by the time you finish you’re on a completely different topic, and your information is all jumbled and rambling around the page.

Write your title first. Then you’ll have that keyword and topic right there in front of you while you’re writing and you won’t be tempted to wander off topic.

The title is almost more important than the article. Spend time crafting a title that includes your keyword and says something to grab the searcher’s attention. Remember, yours won’t be the only article on the index. Don’t use cute sayings or slang but do let the searcher know how they’ll benefit if they read your article.

Opening Paragraph

Your opening paragraph is crucial. Most people reading online only scan your content, they don’t read it word-for-word. If you haven’t grabbed their attention within three seconds after they hit your page they’re going to click away. Make that opening paragraph exciting, and make sure the readers knows he’s going to benefit by reading your article.

List The Key Points You Want To Make

Don’t worry about filling in details at this point, just make a list – in order – of all the points you want to include in your article. This gives you the opportunity to make sure you didn’t miss a step or leave out an important piece of information. Once you have your points in order, go back and fill in the details.

Closing Paragraph

I like to look at an article like this: In the opening paragraph I tell my reader what I’m going to tell him. In the article body, I tell him. And in the closing paragraph, I tell him what I told him. Then, no matter what part of my article his eyes land on when he scans the page, I know he’s going to get my message.

Wrap up your article in your closing paragraph. Briefly remind the reader what problem you solved, recap how you solved it, and point out how his life will be so much better now that he’s read your article.

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  1. Kiza

    This is really helpful. Thank you!!

    1. You’re welcome Kiza!

  2. Malika Bourne

    Like a newspaper article? Most people only read a few sentences unless hooked.

    1. That’s where you need to be skilled… To hook the people after the first few sentences.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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