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The one thing your blog needs more than anything else is traffic, traffic, and more traffic. There are zillions of ways to promote your blog and bring that traffic in, but everyone knows the best advertisement is word of mouth. Nothing compels someone to visit your blog like having someone else tell them how great it is. If you really want to boost your traffic you’ll entice your readers to share your content and let them take care of the promotion for you.

entice your readers to share your content

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Give your readers something to talk about

If you want your readers to share your content then the most important thing you have to do is give them something worth sharing. That means you have to focus on quality above everything else. Over-deliver on information, use video or graphics to attract attention, be engaging in the way you present your content. You want your readers to think, “Wow! This is GREAT! I gotta send out a Tweet about this!”

If you’re having a hard time getting your readers to share your content, then it probably really has something to do with your content itself. Either it’s not really as great as you think, or it’s the wrong type of content for the readers you’re attracting to your blog. Take a look at your keywords and your goal and make sure you’re targeting the right audience.

Be bold and daring

Don’t be afraid to be you and let your readers know what’s really on your mind. Too many bloggers are afraid to upset the apple cart and when your posts all begin to sound like Big Brother is watching over your shoulder your readers all wonder if he really is. If you have something to say, say it. Your readers will listen. Be polite and respectful, of course. Iif you’re the first to finally say it, your readers will want to pass it along.

Make it easy for your readers to read

People like content that’s short and to-the-point. They want to be able to scan your content and, within seconds, know what’s going on. Give them a lot of information in a neat, easy-to-read format and they’ll be more apt to really get your message and want to pass it along. Use bullet points, sub-headings, white space and easy-to-read fonts.

Make it easy for your readers to share

Make sure you have those sharing buttons prominently displayed to as soon as the reader gets excited he can just click and share. The minute he has to start searching the excitement disappears. It’s also important to make sure those buttons work. So each time you post, use your contact buttons to share your content yourself.

Limit your social connect buttons to only those which are most relevant. For example, if you have a blog about astrophysics or human genome research, chances are the people who frequent StumbleUpon aren’t going to be interested in your content. Having that button up there at the top of your post will just dilute the shares to the social sites you really want your readers to use.

Ask your readers to help spread the word

Reveal a huge secret, or pass on a great tip and ask your readers to help you share it with the world. Tell them why it’s important to get the message out and let them know they’ll be doing the world a great service if they help. Your readers will jump at the chance to be a part of something big.

Bribe your readers to share your content

The word bribe sounds kind of icky, doesn’t it? Maybe I should have said ‘entice your readers to share your content’. But one thing to consider is that not everyone automatically thinks to hit a share button when they get finished reading a blog post. A lot of your readers might not even know that it’s something you’d really like them to do. Help develop good sharing habits by having a sharing contest for your readers.

What you can do is using a contest platform to create an on-blog contest. Here’s the basic idea: You create a contest and have some type of prize. Your prize could be anything relevant to your business. With such programs, your readers are awarded points for completing actions. You can require them to send a Tweet about your blog post, you can require them to follow you on Twitter and Facebook, you can require them to follow other bloggers or read other posts or lots of other tasks. Each time they complete a task they enter proof – a link or a username or an email address, etc.

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  1. Icciev

    Hi Steven,

    You just secured a tweet and plus for your article, sharing articles through social media is becoming more and more important for lots of reasons, top of them is Google Penguin update; with each update Google is pushing it becomes harder to relay on SEO and search engine traffic; Some bloggers might face a hit by Google update and lose their traffic from search engines so it’s important to find an alternative source of traffic and what is better than Social Sharing. Also you need to use attractive tittles, you may have encouraged your reader to share your articles, but attractive ones will encourage their friends to check the article and share it. Thanks for sharing this great tips.

    1. Jeffreyskang

      I guess I take old school approaches to these things. I don’t like to include share buttons on my blogs because the action I want my readers are quite different from conventional methods of getting my traffic stats inflated.

      Many times, social share buttons distract my visitors from opting into my email lists so I exclude them… at least for the first couple of months of my sites.

  2. David

    yes, speaking of contensts – have you found that your latest contest has driven a lot or only a little extra traffic to your blog?

    I think you are right about being bold and daring. I also have spent a lot of time trying to be ‘careful’ about what I say – and I have the feeling that is a bad idea.

    1. Affiliate Manager

      It’s definitely drawing in more discussion :)

  3. Affiliate Manager

    I added share buttons to my posts on my Affiliate Manager blog and I’ve seen great results from it. The reason I actually added it is because someone tweeted me saying “if you had a tweet button I would have tweeted your post, but instead I am tweeting you to tell you”. lol. I see quite a bit of social interaction and sharing just from adding a single sharing plugin.

    1. David

      That’s a great idea on the share buttons. Do you get better results near the top or near the bottom of the post with the share buttons?

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