Post Inspiration: 3 Resources To Get New Topics Ideas

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Blogging about the same topic day in and day out has its perks – you always know what you’re going to write about and in most cases it’s something that interests you so it’s fun. But it also has its drawbacks. Sometimes you just can’t come up with anything new to write about and you get tired of rehashing the same tired points. You want to tell your readers something new and exciting and give them something to talk about. Here are three resources to get amazing new topics for your blog.

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new topics for your blog

Social Networks

You probably connect in your social networks every day but do you ever do anything other than post your links and occasionally retweet or share? How about looking at the links your followers are posting? When I’m at a loss the first place I go is my Facebook page to see what everybody’s talking about today. If you’ve targeted your followers then you should all have similar interests.

Whatever social networks you use you’ve chosen them because that’s where the bulk of your audience hangs out. So go see what the topic of discussion is today and get busy blogging – while that topic’s still hot.

Google News

There’s a significant change taking place in the blogosphere right now and it has to do with credibility. Blogs have been traditionally ranked lower than news websites on the credibility and authority scales and I’m seeing more bloggers move to change this. In some cases it’s a response to all the Google algorithm changes but in most it’s because the blogger wants to be perceived as a more reliable source of information, to erase that stigma of being “just a blogger.

Tying you content to headline news articles increases your credibility and it also makes your content more timely, interesting and exciting for your readers. Instead of just showing them facts and figures, you’re showing them how that information relates to their world and why that information is useful.

It’s like math class. Every kid says, “I don’t know why I need to learn the multiplication tables. I’m not going to be a mathematician when I grow up.” But when they get out in the real world and have to figure out how many hours they have to work to make that car payment every month then they understand.

Print Media

Magazines and newspapers print nothing but timely information. They have whole departments dedicated to researching hot topics and current trends and the information is presented in a variety of formats from editorials and opinions to facts and informational content. While subscriptions may have dropped for physical print media, the online subscriptions are soaring. So don’t overlook print media as a source when you’re looking for amazing new topics for your blog.

If you don’t subscribe to any magazines or newspapers yourself most publications have websites you can browse. However, some of their best content is available only by subscription. Visit your local library, though, and you’ll find more magazines and newspapers than you can imagine.

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