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Sometimes you read a blog post and you just sit back, with your mouth hanging open, and you say, “Wow! What an impact that post has made on my life!

Well, maybe you don’t really use the word “impact” because people only talk like that in romance novels. And maybe you’re not really sitting there with your mouth hanging open because, well, you’re not a complete fool. But you get the picture.

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So how do those bloggers write that content that delivers a one-two punch? Well, they sure don’t do it with their mouth hangin’ open!

Pick One Keyword

When searchers go to their search engine they type in one keyword – not two, not five and not several. You may see several different keywords when you look at your analytics but each person only uses one.

To make sure that each searcher finds exactly what he’s looking for, with no misunderstanding, you need to write a separate blog post for each keyword.

For example, if I do a search for “green widgets” and I land on your blog post about “green and white” widgets, I’m going to leave wondering if all widgets are green AND white, is there such a thing as widgets that are ONLY green, and if so, what’s the difference.

I’m actually going to have more questions than I did when I first hit your page.

Now, you might have anticipated these questions and answered them in your blog post. If you did, then that just made your post longer and I’ll have to look harder to find my answer. In which case, your post isn’t going to make a very positive impact on me.

Answer One Question

In keeping with the “one keyword only” theme, you should also answer one question. Again, in looking at your analytics you’ll see a lot of the questions people are asking could be addressed with one single blog post.

However, I don’t care about the entire history of green widgets or all the different things they can be used for. I just want to know how to use a green widget to fix my broken thingamajig. Anything more is too much information and I don’t have time to sift through it.

I know. You’re tempted to include everything you know about all the different colored widgets because you want to show off your expertise. But save it for another blog post and title it: Everything you ever wanted to know about widgets of every color.

That post will make an impact on someone who’s actually looking for that information.

You Want The Truth? I’ll Give You The Truth!

I love that scene in “A Few Good Men” where Jack Nicholson yells, “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!” And then he goes on to tell the truth. It’s in-your-face bad-assitude. Use it in your blog posts.

Tell your readers, “Listen up! I’m about to tell you something important and you need to pay attention.” And then come right to the point, no pussy-footing around. Make your message clear, coherent, and easy-to-understand and then just stop talking and let it sink in.

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  1. Marty Diamond

    I’d only add one thing – If your post makes an impact – tell me (the reader) what to do next – how to add to the conversation – or get involved.

    Your post had an impact on me – you asked for a comment – I’m following your instructions!

    Thanks Steven for another brilliant post

    1. In my early days, I found it weird to give precise instructions to readers such as “Leave a comment now!”, but it works! So I’m certainly not walking away from things that works ;)

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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