Post a Review and Make Huge Money – Recap 4

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A few weeks ago, I launched a Review Contest. The idea is extremely simple: you write a review of Dukeo on your own blog, follow a few rules, and you’re automatically entered to win a cash prize.

To read the full details and participate, click here.

I would like to share some link-love with the authors of the reviews I’ve received, so I’m going to post a recap of them.

review my blog win 1000

Note: These reviews are not posted in preference order. I add them to my list as they hit my email inbox.

1/ The first review I received for this batch was written by Kim Lavigne on A Major Media Productions. This very well written post titled: “Dukeo Blog Review Contest $1000”, stays extremely general, but it does the job to enter the contest.

2/ Today’s second review was written by Cairn Rodrigues on the blog The Light Stealers Song. In this short review titled: “Blog Review:”, Cairn goes straight to the point: No hype in that post.

3/ The third review was written by Pat Couturier on his blog Pat’s Internet Marketing Training. His review is titled: “How to learn SEO for WP that will get you ton of traffic from Google”. Pat’s review is mostly focused on my detailed WordPress SEO guide.

4/ The next review was written by Kamal on his blog Real Affiliate Reviews. In his review titled: “Post A Review Of Dukeo And Earn $1000”, Kamal makes a quick overview of Dukeo’s content and design.

5/ The fifth review, written by Leslie Block on her blog Chips Off The Old Block, is titled: “The Idea is Simple : A Review of is Easy Because…..“. Leslie’s review is pretty short but it does the job to get entered in the contest. Well done!

I’ll keep posting recaps of the reviews I’ll receive. If you want a chance to win $1,000, some link love as well as some exposure for your blog, don’t wait another minute. Write your review now!

You have until April 29nd to submit your review and help increase the prize by another $100.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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  1. Kim Lavigne

    Thanks so much Steven! I truly enjoy your blog…I have definitely improved my own blog as a result of reading yours! Keep up the great work! One day I might actually catch up the all the content you put out! haha Hope you are having an amazing day!

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

Simply input your best email below to get started.

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