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PLR Jackpot is a unique program that over-delivers in terms of quantity, quality and marketability. Created by Simon Hodgkinson, Jeremy Gislason & JP Schoeffel, this isn’t your typical PLR product where you buy a package of hundreds of tired, worn-out articles that have been floating around the Web for 5 years. PLR Jackpot is, well… judge for yourself. Just take a look at this package!

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5 Complete Professionally Written Ebooks

If you’re reading this article then you’re probably already familiar with PLR ebooks. In fact, you’ve probably have quite a few collecting dust on your hard drive. And why are they collecting dust? Because they’re worthless, worn-out pieces of junk that’s been passed through so many article spinners they just sound like gibberish.

The ebooks you’ll get with PLR Jackpot are all professionally written and they’re evergreen – which means the topics they cover are always in hot demand. Information Marketing, Email Marketing, Offline Marketing, Buildind Backlinks and Traffic, and Affiliate Marketing are will always be at the top of the list of Top Selling niches.

5 Complete Professionally Designed Mini Sites

What’s the biggest drawback to PLR products? You typically have to design your own mini site – a sales page, a thank you page, and squeeze pages. PLR products are supposed to make your life easier! Who has the time, not to mention the knowledge, to create a network of attention-grabbing web pages?

The creators of PLR Jackpot want you to be able to hit the ground running so they’re including matching mini site packages to go with each of the 5 ebooks. You’ll also get all PSD files in case you want to make any customization changes.

5 Sales Pages Written by a Professional Copywriter

You can have the most eye-catching sales page in the world but it’s the copy that gets you the sales. And we all know there’s an art to writing killer sales pages. The 5 sales pages included in PLR Jackpot have been created by professional copywriters so you won’t have to worry. Just set them up, send the traffic and watch them start sucking up sales. The value of these 5 sales pages alone is over $5,000 and I defy you to find better converting copywriting anywhere on the Web.

All The Banners You’ll Need

Of course, you’re going to need banners, too. You can sell these ebooks from your own site but remember – you also have everything you need to set up your own affiliate programs because you’re getting Thank You pages along with your sales page kit. So why not? With PLR Jackpot you now have everything you need to line up hundreds of affiliates and let them do the selling.

What Can You Do With PLR Jackpot?

The beauty of PLR Jackpot is that you can do anything you want with these ebooks. You can brand them anyway you like – include your own links or even edit the PSD files and rename everything. You can publish them at Amazon, or CreateSpace or sell them on Ebay. You can break them up and use them as newsletters or content for a membership site. You can turn them into webinars or Power Point presentations. You can spin them out, rewrite them, convert them to video, sell them as a paid course – whatever you want to do. PLR means you have the right to use the content any way you choose.

Check Out The Bonuses, Too!

Now, your first thought is going to be – ‘Yeah. But what good are 5 PLR ebooks if everybody is trying to sell the same thing?‘ And that’s certainly a concern. But the folks at PLR Jackpot have an answer for that, too.

Like all good marketers they’re including some bonuses in their offer. Most of the time those bonuses you see are just some hokey, razzle-dazzle to make you think you’re getting something for free. But one of the bonuses included with PLR Jackpot is almost worth more than the actual product.

Every month for an entire year you’re going to receive an exclusive PLR package that is not being released to anyone else. Period. You’ll get a brand new, professionally written ebook, the mini-site and sales pages and all the psd files – just like the original package. The bonus alone is valued at more than $500 a month.

To understand the value of this bonus you have to know a little bit about the mindset of most Internet marketers. Only about 10% of the people who buy PLR Jackpot are actually going to follow through and set up all 5 mini sites – and that’s a high estimate. Of those 10%, only about 5% to 6% will follow through with setting up the monthly bonus sites. And most of them will drop out after the first month.

You will be receiving a free professionally written ebook in one of the top niches on the Web, and complete promotional and affiliate package every month – and you’ll have essentially no competition. Is PLR Jackpot worth the investment? Absolutely! Grab it now while you can still get the bonus!

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