Planned Articles: Are They More Effective Than Timely Posts?

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Including a good mix of content on your blog is important for reader engagement and SEO. If your blog were all evergreen How-To posts and basic information-sharing articles it would eventually get pretty boring for your readers because there’s nothing new and exciting. On the other hand, if everything on your blog had to do with Christmas, you’d only have traffic about two months out of the year.

Every blog should have a good mix of the following type of content:

  • Evergreen content that’s relevant for a long period of time, any time of the year
  • Seasonal content that’s angled toward a specific holiday, season or time-frame
  • Timely or news-type content like breaking news, new ideas and new products
  • Opinions, editorials and recommendations or links

How To Achieve The Mix

In most cases your evergreen content will be the meat of your blog. It includes your “informational” articles like How-To’s, and What Is XXX? articles. If you’re thinking that you already spend enough time just putting those together and you don’t have time for anything else, here’s one way to handle it:

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Pick one or two days a week to write your five evergreen articles and schedule them out over the next week. So on Monday (or Monday and Tuesday) you could write five posts and schedule them for the following Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Now the bulk of your blog posts for the following week are already loaded up for posting and you don’t have to worry about it any more. Now you have more time to focus on other things – like creating that those timely posts that add interest and excitement to your blog.

These timely posts, opinion posts, and links posts don’t have to be long and involved because most of the time you’re going to be linking to another source as the basis of your article. For example, if Apple just released a new iPhone, you’ll simply be telling your readers the basic information that’s relevant to them and you’ll link to the original article where they can find more information if they want it.

So it’s easy enough to sit down for 30 minutes or an hour and crank out a couple of short, sweet, timely posts and publish them right away.

These are the types of posts that help establish you as an expert and authority in your niche. Instead of waiting until you have time to write up an in-depth article, by which time the news is already old and stale, you’re on top of the news and you’re instantly able to share it with your readers.

These are also the types of posts that make your blog more interesting and exciting for your readers. They make your blog stickier and help increase subscriptions because everybody wants to check in more frequently to hear the news.

So go ahead and pre-write those evergreen posts and schedule them out into the future. You’ll have more time to focus on the timely news that makes your blog the most exciting blog in your niche.

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  1. Heather Johnson

    For my blog, I feel like I am pretty good at putting up a mix of posts. I have evergreen content and news as well as shorter infographic and photo posts. I also put up at least one personal post each week. I like to read a mix of content, so I just started doing the same for my website.

  2. Marilyn

    I have a mixture of content. I update projects I want to start, projects I’m already working in, befores & afters, sales, and business topics. I also have posts about companies I’m looking for, how to’s, events and more.

  3. Ivin Viljoen

    Hello Steven. I have found that an article worth posting that will bring you authority status are posts that take me an hour or so to write. Some a couple hours. That’s not even researched articles, those are just ones flowing from my cranium.

    I like the larger ones too, because they make me feel like I have contributed something to the larger webisphere.

  4. Lisa Mallis

    Great blog, thanks! I appreciate how you gave advice – and then gave a strategy to IMPLEMENT your tactics! I also created a rough calendar to keep me on track. Monday’s posts will be about relating my life to time management strategies, Wednesday’s posts will be Time Management content (books, products, strategies), and Friday will be FUN! (videos, infographics, quotes, and jokes!)

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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