Plan Blog Posts: A Step by Step Guide

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You’ll see a lot of bloggers talking about the best way to write posts because it’s the foundation of your business. Without content you have no blog. Everybody has their own process but I think you’ll like mine. I’ve written more than 800 high-quality blog posts over the last 4 1/2 months, and this is the step-by-step system I use.

Choose One Topic

Personally, I think this is the hardest part. It’s important to remember that most readers have a very short attention span. So you want to choose a topic you can completely cover in a short article.

For example, you might decide you want to write about how to grow roses. This is a huge topic that involves soil, hundreds of rose varieties, fertilizers, lighting conditions, planting in containers or outdoors, and so on. In order to effectively cover every single bit of information you’d have to write an ebook, which is just too much information for a blog post.

A better topic might be “How To Grow Sweetheart Roses Indoors In Time For Valentine’s Day.” This topic is much narrower and you can tell the reader everything he needs to know in one short but sweet post.

Write Your Title

I always write my title next. Some bloggers save this step for last but I find it helps improve the focus of my article. If you only start with an idea, then your article could go off in many directions. It’s weak, ineffective and confusing for your readers. Write your title first to help give your article the right direction.

Outline Your Key Points

What key points do you want to tell your readers? Assume your readers are going to scan your article first, picking out the highlights. You want them to get all the information they need, so make an outline of the high lights, or key points, you want to cover so you don’t miss something.

Organize Your Points

Put those key points in order. I try to put the most important point at the beginning, if possible, just in case the visitor doesn’t finish reading. Sometimes, though, that’s not possible. But it helps give your article more direction if you organize your points before you start writing.

Write Your Opening Paragraph

Remember – a lot of your visitors are going to scan that first paragraph and if it doesn’t grab their attention they’re not going to read on. I try to let the reader know I understand the problem and I’m giving them the perfect solution.

Fill In The Details

Now, fill in the details under each of your key points. It may only be one sentence and it may be two or three. Don’t forget to include links to relevant content deeper in your blog. This helps with your SEO and provides more value for your readers.

Write Your Closing Paragraph

When I write a closing paragraph I like to tell my readers what I just told them and tell them what I want them to do. In other words, briefly remind them of the problem, recap the solution, remind them how they’ll benefit, and include a call to action. You can do it all in just 3 or 4 sentences.

Edit, Format And Publish

The last step is to edit your article and then upload it to your blog for formatting. Always preview your post first and give it one last check for errors.

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Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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