Plan B Profits Review: Foolproof Plug & Play Online Business

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Plan B Profits might just be the one Internet Marketing product that completely turns your life around.

It’s just that good.

It’s focused in the right direction, it goes after the biggest audience on the Internet and you don’t have to try to figure out some hokey marketing strategy or second-rate software.

It’s simple, it’s easy to implement, and it works.

Why didn’t someone think of this before now?!

Look, we all know the typical scenario – you do tons of niche and keyword research, you spend days or weeks building the perfect site, you write dozens of articles every week and spend hour upon boring hour building links and commenting on blogs.

And for what? A few cents in your Adsense account every month? What kind of strategy is that?

Well, you know what they say – If Plan A doesn’t work, move on to Plan B!

plan b profits

At it’s core, Plan B Profits is a set of ready-made, optimized websites that you just customize with your own affiliate links and autoresponder account and you’re on your way.

Easy-peasy, right? You don’t even have to upload or install these sites, either because hosting is part of the package.


I wouldn’t even call it plug-n-play.

It’s more like – PLAY!

Of course, the argument against these types of sites always comes down to original content.

If everybody is buying the same package of sites, won’t the market eventually become saturated with a lot of duplicate content?

In theory, yes, that might happen.

But here’s a statistic that most people forget – Only 20% of the people who buy this product are actually going to get up off their butt and do something with it.

And that’s a high estimate.

Of those 20%, only a very small fraction will actually see Plan B through to completion.

And most of them will be smart enough to change up the content to make it unique.

So in the vastness of the Internet Marketplace you’re talking about only a handful of people who will actually implement this program – even though it’s so easy even a newbie can do it – and they’re all smart enough to customize their content.

Now, we’ve all seen products like this before.

Just change up your links add your autoresponder account and you’re good to go, right? And who needs another set of landing pages? LPs are included in every package you buy these days.

So what makes Plan B Profits different from all the rest?

Landing Pages: First of all, Plan B has some pretty awesome, high-converting landing pages.

These aren’t your standard stolen-clipart landing pages designed by some kid on Fiverr.

These are high-quality LPs that would normally cost you at least $100 each.

Aweber Interface: Everything’s already set up with these landing pages.

All you need is an Aweber account and you’re done.

The list takes care of building itself.

But this is where Plan B Profits really takes down the competition…

Facebook Interface: So far, everything you’ve seen is top quality – the landing pages, the fact that everything’s already set up and hosting’s included.

But Plan B goes ten steps beyond with their Viral List Optimizer Button.

Check it out!

The VLOB is a button that you place on each of your landing pages and it allows the visitor to opt-in without requiring an email address.

How’s it work? It communicates with Facebook.

Visitors just click the button to opt-in and sign in with Facebook.

Even better? When they do, it posts the link to your landing page on their wall – for all their friends to see! Every time someone goes for the offer on your landing page they helping your content go viral.

So, here it is.

Plan B Profits.

It takes you from 0 to 60 in seconds.

You get pre-made, already populated websites with auto-posting installed so you can just add your links and forget about it.

You get high-quality designer landing pages that convert like crazy.

If you want, you can spend time writing articles or bookmarking to drive some extra traffic, but why bother?

That Viral List Optimizer Button will take care of that for you because your link’s going to be broadcasted all over Facebook every time somebody opts in on your landing page.

As a bonus, you’ll be effortlessly building a marketing list that’s going to grow exponentially every time someone opts-in.

Plan B Profits is a no-brainer! In fact, just forget about Plan A and cut right to the chase!

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