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Dukeo » Blogging » Patience & Persistence: 2 Attributes Of Successful Bloggers

Patience & Persistence: 2 Attributes Of Successful Bloggers

Steven Jan 25, 2013 Blogging

Did somebody tell you that blogging was an easy way to make some extra money? Possibly even replace your full-time job? Maybe even earn a six-figure income? Well, they were right. Almost. You can make some extra money blogging, you can even replace your full-time job. And you might even make a six-figure income. But it ain’t gonna be easy! Blogging takes patience and persistence and lots of hard work.

blogging patience persistence

If you’re starting completely from scratch, with no Facebook or Twitter followers, a completely empty blog and no off-site promotion whatsoever, you can expect to be blogging for at least three months before you start seeing any noticeable traffic.

Of course, you can speed that up by building up some followers in the social networks and using some creative marketing techniques to promote your blog across multiple mediums. But what’s the point in attracting all that traffic if you don’t have any content on your blog?

Growing a blog is a process which requires patience. You need to have lots of content to keep people on your blog and it has to be good quality content to keep them coming back. At first they’ll just trickle in but as they see you’re serious and you keep adding more content, they’ll start sharing your blog posts with their friends.

It takes persistence, too. At times you’ll feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle. You’ll spend hours writing your best blog post ever and nobody will come to read it. In the beginning you’ll have days where you have no visitors at all. But it is possible to make money blogging and there are many bloggers who make a very good living.

The key is to be persistent. Even on the bleakest days, work on your content, work on developing more friends and followers in the social networks, work at publishing articles or keyword research or even just tweaking your blog itself to improve navigation or load times.

My point is, so many beginning bloggers go into this thinking they’re going to make loads of money over night and when it doesn’t happen they get frustrated and give up. The failure rate for bloggers is horrendous for just this reason.

But it does work and you can be successful. You just need to go into it with realistic expectations, a good bit of patience, a healthy dose of persistence and a whole lot of drive.

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