Paid Blogging: 6 Steps To Get Compensated By Your Company To Blog

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The one thing that prevents most small businesses from starting a blog is the actual blogging. They understand the benefits and they don’t have a problem with paying for site design and hosting. It’s just that they don’t understand how to use a blog and how to write all that content, and they don’t have the time or the desire to learn. If you have that knowledge here are six steps to get your company to pay you to blog.

1 – Become an expert

Blogging for your company is no different from blogging for yourself. You’ll be more successful with readers and the search engines if you specialize in a subject. For example, you may work at a large accounting firm. Choose one type of accounting that interests you most, like how to save for your retirement, and become an expert on that topic.

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2 – Develop your writing skills

Because it’s a business blog you’ll want to be a little more polished and professional with your writing. Using slang, text-speak and lots of contractions is fine if it’s a personal blog. But you’ll be representing a professional organization.

3 – Start your blog

Start a blog that’s in no way connected to your business. At this point you just want to start building your content, building a following and networking with other bloggers in your industry. Provide general, but helpful, information and link out to other bloggers to cite your sources. Make sure you’ve installed Google Analytics, too. You’re going to need the statistics when it’s time to show off your blog.

4 – Show off your blog

Each company is different. You may want to talk to an immediate supervisor or you may need to go to the marketing department. Either way, once your blog is established and you’re getting some good steady traffic, it’s time to show it off. Be sure to bring along your Google Analytics reports. In fact, you’ll really shine if you set up a special page on your blog that includes links to all your social networks, any relevant content you’ve published elsewhere on the web, and screenshots of your analytics. Then everybody can use their own laptop to see your results.

5 – Start negotiating

If marketing feels that your blog can add value as a promotional tool, your next step is to find out how they’d like to continue. Do they want you to handle it alone? Do they want to assign it to a group? Most important, are they willing to pay you for blogging? It may mean an increase in pay and it may mean that they just move your hours and duties around. Either way, who’s going to take care of funding the project?

6 – Make yourself invaluable

While you’re establishing your blog, start building a following in the social networks, especially Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Learn as much as you can about content marketing to extend your reach into the marketplace. The more you can bring to the blog when you first introduce it, the more invaluable you’ll be to the company. Who knows? You may become a full-time blogger?

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