3 Effective Ways to Build Links to Your Blog

Everybody has a favorite method for link building – article marketing, guest blogging, blog carnivals, and lots of other methods that involve publishing your work on someone else’s site. Yes, you get a backlink out of it, and some of them might even be valuable. But what else do you get? [...]


What Is The Proper Way to Display a Copyright Notice?

We’ve all see the little C inside a circle, the symbol for Copyright. But when and where are you supposed to use it? I’ve seen it on individual blog posts, pasted into article resource boxes, and even on a few custom headers. After doing a little research, I have the answer. [...]


11 Simple Tips To Writing Catchy Articles

It’s not easy writing articles that grab your readers’ attention, day after day after day. But, if you want to make money online, that’s what it’s all about. You don’t have to be an award winning author but you do need to learn some basic writing skills. After all, no matter what [...]


Always Keep Some Emergency Posts

You’re on a roll. You’re posting five days a week to your blog and the traffic is really rolling in. Every day you see repeat visitors lapping up your new content and they’re bringing along new visitors, too. And then suddenly, it happens. Your best friend comes from half-way around the [...]


Perfect Blogging Frequency: Be Predictable

One of the first questions new bloggers always ask is: How often should I post to my blog? For a brand new blog the answer is: Every single day and twice on Sunday. It’s a fact that the best way to develop a following and grow traffic for a new blog [...]


10 Tips To Improve Your Sales Copy Today

It takes a lot of work to get traffic to a sales or squeeze page. You have to target the traffic and bring those visitors into your blog. Then you have to win them over with your stellar content and charming personality. And finally, you have to get those visitors to trust [...]


7 Things to Look For in a Co-Blogger

Bringing on a co-blogger solves a lot of problems. They add more content to your blog, they help with promotion, they bring in additional traffic. But this is your business we’re talking about, and any time you take on a partner you need to be careful. Here are seven things to look [...]

How to Deliver An eBook To Your Newsletter Subscribers

Offering your readers a free ebook is a good incentive to use to get them to subscribe to your newsletter. But now that they’ve subscribed, how do you deliver it? Glad you asked. I have two solutions for you. First, you’ll need to turn that ebook into a pdf file. Some bloggers [...]


Domain Names: Size and Quality DOES Matter

I built a website for a client and nothing I could say would make him change his mind about the 24-letter domain name he wanted. The result: He gets zero traffic because of poor WordPress SEO. Yes, when it comes to domain names, size and quality do matter. [...]


One Blog and Many Topics, or Many Blogs with One Topic?

Work online long enough and you’ll soon start finding all kinds of interesting topics you want to blog about. Especially once you find out how easy it is to start another blog. You’re going to meet other bloggers who have multiple blogs and you’re also going to see lots of blogs now that [...]

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