Own Product: 8 Good Reasons To Have Yours

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If you’ve spent any amount of time at all selling info products with an affiliate link then you’ve probably thought to yourself more than once “Jeez! I coulda done this myself!” You look at that product and wonder what’s so great about it. And if you’re a really good business person you start to wonder why you’re spending all your time working selling somebody else’s stuff, when you could be selling your own. Maybe you should have your own product!

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good reasons to have your own product

  1. You know your what your audience wants: Nobody knows your audience like you do. Clickbank might have a hundred ebooks that fit your niche but it’s very possible that half of them are crap. The other half might be too expensive for your readers or not quite what they’re looking for, for whatever reason. You can promote those products till the cows come home but if they’re just not right for your audience they’re not going to buy them, no matter how much traffic you have.

    However, you know exactly what your readers are looking for and how much they’re willing to pay for it. So go ahead. Write it yourself.

  2. You control the content: I hate paying for something I don’t need. I’d willing pay $27 or $47 for an ebook that tells me exactly how to speed up the load time on my blog. But if that same ebook also talks about designing headers and coding themes, then I don’t want it. If I’m going to spend $47 I want $47 worth of the information I’m looking for, not a bunch of filler. Again, you know exactly what your readers are looking for. Sit down and start writing.
  3. You control the sales page: When you’re selling affiliate products you eventually have to send your reader to the advertiser’s sales page. And you don’t make money until the advertiser makes the sale. If his sales page sucks and doesn’t convert, you don’t get paid. Develop your own product and create an awesome sales page and dump the middle man.
  4. You have no competition: I repeat – nobody knows your readers like you do. Create exactly the product they’re looking for and you’ll have no competition.
  5. Increases credibility/authority: Once you get that first product circulating around the web, people start to recognize your name. Suddenly, you’re an authority on the subject. Seriously. Look at your own reaction when you’re surfing. If you happen across a blog post or article, and you happen to have read the guy’s ebook, you sit up and pay attention. Because you know he wrote an ebook you hold him in higher esteem.
  6. Increases interest and loyalty: You readers who might have been on the fence will come in a little closer now, once you create your own product. Especially when they see that it works. You have some celebrity status now, too, and new readers will be arriving to check you out.
  7. Increases opportunities for business growth: Once you’ve created your first product and see just how easy it is to do, you begin to see the possibilities. You start putting links in there, you start developing more products, you set up new blogs, you set up membership sites, you start publishing on Amazon – the possibilities really are endless. But you won’t understand until you actually take the plunge.
  8. What it all boils down to is this: When you start selling your own products, your income earning potential skyrockets, almost over night. You have a ready-made audience right there on your blog so there’s no way you can lose. You’ve been blogging for these same readers for how long now? Obviously you already know exactly what they’re looking for. Why let someone else get the credit – and a big chunk of the sales?

And here’s something else to think about – there’s nothing that says you can’t become one of those affiliate advertisers. Imagine THAT! You create a product and put up a sales page and then hundreds of affiliates build blogs and start sending traffic to your own product.

Selling affiliate products is great and you can generate a decent income. But in the end, you’re still working for someone else. And it’s almost as risky as a real JOB. Your income depends on someone else creating a product and putting together a promotional package that sells. The only thing you can do to increase your income when you’re selling affiliate products is build more sites and drive more traffic.

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Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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