Opt-in Form: This Should Be The Priority In Your Blog Design

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So you launched your blog without an opt-in form and then somebody told you, “Hey! You need to start building a list!” And now you’re scurrying around trying to find a place to put that darn form. How about over here at the bottom of the sidebar? Or maybe here on it’s own landing page? That way it’s not messing up your pretty design. Let’s be clear: you should make your opt-in form a priority, for you and your readers.

Where Should You Place Your Opt-In Form?

The best location for your opt-in form is above the fold, after your logo, and above your content. This is the most prominent position on your page. You could place anything there and it would attract attention.

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And I already know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking if that’s such prime Real Estate why waste it on an opt-in form? Why not put one of your affiliate banners up there?

Because your opt-in form is the most important call to action you will ever have on your blog. A responsive, targeted list is the most valuable business asset you can develop. One click on an affiliate ad might earn you $10. But one subscriber on your list might, over time, click on dozens of your affiliate links, and he’ll also be sharing your content, helping to bring in even more subscribers.

Don’t crowd your opt-in form – Leave plenty of space around that form. You want it to stand out, not get lost in the shuffle.

Give it a contrasting color – So it stands out from the rest of the page.

Push everything else to the background – If you have other elements above the fold, make them less prominent so the don’t distract from the opt-in form. If you have unnecessary or non-performing elements above the fold, get rid of them. They’re just taking up valuable Real Estate.

Where’s The Second-Best Place To Put Your Opt-In Form?

The second-best place for your opt-in form is at the end of every post, just above the comments.

You might also want to create a landing page to capture leads and that’s fine. But that should be a second form. Never assume your readers will be happy to click on a link so they can get to your opt-in form. Put it right there under their noses.

Your opt-in form may be an afterthought but it still deserves top priority on your blog. If it means completely reworking your header or your entire blog design, so be it. It’s just that important for your future.

Use a Reliable Email Service Provider

Like I said, your list is going to be your most valuable business asset. Don’t trust it to just anybody.

Choose a reliable, reputable email service provider so you and your list are both protected. I recommend Aweber for their flexibility, access to stats, and instant online chat when you need support or assistance. Their double opt-in requirement almost completely eliminates spam reports and the stats and reports you have at your finger-tips are amazing.

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  1. You’ve got some good points. I’m guessing your popup gets the most amount of optins. Because I don’t use a popup, most of my subscribers optin from the end of the article (instead of sidebar).

    Can you share any of your optin numbers per placement?

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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