Online Collaborations: 5 Reasons Why They Can Help You

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Whether you call them joint ventures, networks or partnerships they all have the same results – collaborating with other bloggers can help you build a better, stronger business and beat out the competition. Here are five reasons everyone’s talking about collaborations these days.

Two heads are better than one

When you’re running a business and targeting your competition it always helps to have someone to brainstorm with, someone who’ll listen to your ideas and point out the strengths and weaknesses. And if that person also happens to have skills sets that compliment yours then they can also provide a different viewpoint. Working together you can create a stronger business plan than you’d have come up with on your own.

Increased promotional opportunities

Team up with a blogger who also has a responsive mailing list, lots of blog traffic, and plenty of social network followers and the two of you can cross promote for each other. The larger your blogging network the larger your promotional capabilities.

And remember, when it comes to promotion, quality counts, too. You may be approached by a blogger who wants to JV with you on a list promotion. His list may be substantially smaller than yours, but if it’s highly targeted and responsive then it’s just a valuable as a huge list of people with scattered interests.

Create truly unique products

Everybody knows the real money lies in creating your own products. Simple ebooks are great – for a while. Soon, your competitor gets a hold of your book, steals your idea, and creates a book of his own. But when you collaborate with other bloggers you can combine your efforts and create more specialized products that can’t easily be duplicated. With your own unique product you have no competition and you control the market.

Combine skills for remarkable results

The trend today is to build bigger and better sites that cover a broader range of topics and provide a wide range of products or services. These types of sites require a huge amount of content and are ideal situations for blogging networks. Each blogger covers his own specific area of expertise and everyone works together to build out an incredible site.

Checks and balances

Collaborating with at least one other blogger means you can set up a system of checks and balances for your blog. You can each proofread the other’s content. You can verify statistics, double check for accuracy and coherence, and check links before you publish. You can even fill in for each other when you need to take time off.

One word of warning: It might seem obvious, but before you enter into a partnership with anyone you should always be sure you know and trust that person. There are plenty of bloggers out there who have what appears to be a stellar reputation and a massive online following. But remember – you can’t judge a book by its cover. Before you jeopardize your business make absolutely sure the person you’re collaborating with is trustworthy.

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