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One Blog and Many Topics, or Many Blogs with One Topic?

Work online long enough and you’ll soon start finding all kinds of interesting topics you want to blog about. Especially once you find out how easy it is to start another blog. You’re going to meet other bloggers who have multiple blogs and you’re also going to see lots of blogs now that focus on more than one topic. So the questions is: Should you have one blog with many topics or many blogs, each focused on one topic only?

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The very first thing you need to consider is Time. You know how long it took to get one blog up and running and no matter which way you decide to go it’s going to require more of your time. Time spent writing articles, promoting your blog, finding ways to monetize the site, and all the other tasks necessary for a successful blog. Multiply that Time by the number of different topics.

Once you start managing several blogs, or several topics on one blog, it becomes almost a necessity that you bring on other content providers. You can outsource content, or pull in content using RSS feeds, or you can go a step further and open up your blogs to other contributors and offer them some type of compensation. But the key question is still, should you have one blog or many?

The answer is: It depends on your target audience. I used to be a contributor on a family blog that covered several topics – financial information, parenting advice, health, recipes, and such. All of these topics would have been acceptable for a standalone blog, but these were all under the same domain. All of the information was presented so it was relevant for families, though, and that was the underlying theme of this blog. You could do the same thing with a blog about pets or gardening or celebrities or a wide variety of topics.

You need to consider your target audience. Chances are, if people are coming to your blog looking for advice on hamsters they’ll also be interested in other small animals, so you could add different topics like geckos and frogs and other small creatures.

However, those same people probably wouldn’t be interested in car repair or business loans so it wouldn’t be a good idea to include those topics on your blob about small pets. First, because the people arriving on your blog for pet information aren’t going to visit those other pages. And second, because if they do land on those pages they’re going to be disappointed and leave – and maybe never come back.

If you can tie all of your topics together under one umbrella and make all of your content relevant for the same audience then yes, it’s a good idea to blog on multiple topics. The huge number of incoming links you’ll eventually develop means you’ll have a very strong domain.

But if each of your topics is completely unrelated, your site will rank better with the search engines if you set up multiple blogs, which means your traffic will be better targeted and your blogs will all be more successful.

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One Comment (Add one)

  1. Elviera

    Thank you Sté for referring me to this post :)
    I think I will have to go with the multiple blog option since I write about a variety of unrelated topics that cannot be put under one umbrella.
    I think however, that I can put some of my posts on more than one blog if it is relevant there, or even adjust it to become relevant – what do you think?

    I love how short, practical and to the point your posts are! Thank you!