Offline Promotion: 9 Ways to Advertise Your Blog

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It can get pretty lonely when you’re starting a new blog. You’re blogging away and there’s one lonely soul visiting your blog every day for the fist month.

How will you ever get the word out if only one person is listening?

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If you stop and think about it, you probably know hundreds of people or more in the offline world. Most of them have a computer, so why not let them help promote your blog?

Tell A Few Close Friends

Start off by telling just three or four close friends and ask them to help critique your new blog while you get started adding plenty of content. They can look for formatting problems and tell you which posts they like best and why. They’ll be your sounding board while you iron out the kinks.

Tell More Friends And Your Family, Too

Next, let the rest of your friends know, and your family, too. Ask them all to visit your blog and leave comments and share it with their friends either by email or in the social networks.

Tell The People You Work With

How many people do you work with every day? And you haven’t told them about your blog? Let them know now and ask them to share.

Tell The People You’re Blogging About

Chances are there are probably other people interested in the same thing you’re blogging about. For example, if you’re blogging about knitting there are probably a few knitting clubs in your community. Ask the other knitters what they think of your blog.

Talk To Relevant People

Now go to the knitting clubs themselves and let them know you’re blogging about knitting. Perhaps they’d like to be featured so they can announce their new charity project. If you do, you can bet they’ll be sharing your blog post with everyone they know – especially if you include picture.

Ask Friends And Contacts To Guest Blog

If you have friends or family members who knit you could invite them to be a guest blogger. Invite the leader of that knitting club, too.

Talk To Everyone You Meet

Sit down right now and create an elevator speech, a brief message that explains what you do. Be prepared to answer now when someone says, “Hello. Nice to meet you. What do you do?” And after you tell them be sure to invite them to visit and comment and share your blog.

Ask Your Friends To Share With Their Networks

Now that everything’s starting to come together, ask all your friends and family to make a concerted effort to share your blog in all the social networks they belong to. Not just once, either. You want them to share each new blog post – forever!

Advertise Within Your Communities

If you belong to a church or a community organization or club, don’t forget to let these people know about your blog. They already know you and they’ll be tickled pink to see what you’re up to – and they’ll be secretly hoping you blog about them. So do it, and you can bet your boots they’ll be sharing!

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  1. Affiliate Manager

    I recently purchased some nice business cards from specifically for my blog to give to people when it comes up in conversation. Definitely a good/cheap way to ensure people know where to go after you end your conversation with them about your blog :)

    1. That’s a very good idea! When I was at ASW last year, I remember discussing with Ian Fernando and he gave me cards specific to some of his online projects.

      I’m thinking of doing something similar… So far, I’ve been putting Dukeo on my regular business cards but I’m thinking of additionally getting branded cards for the blog itself.

    2. Olof

      I also have business cards that I got for free from vistaprint. I´ve gotten great reactions to handing out a card after my blog being in the discussion.

  2. Great advice! People are often shy to mention their blog in the real world, but they really should. If you’re shy, just try to work it into the conversation somehow.

    I would also suggest spending a few bucks and getting some business cards you can hand out when you meet people in person.

    1. In every business discussion, I always find a way to pitch my blog Dukeo for at least a couple minutes while repeating the name 3 or 4 times to make sure people will remember it.

      Business cards with the blog name and url definitely help as well

      Thanks for your comment Carolyn

  3. Mike

    Great Tips.

    Man I really enjoy your blog. You are doing an amazing job writing all this content.

    Can you share some motivational tips for updating your blog on a regular basis like yourself?
    Would be a great post.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Mike!

      It sure is a lot of hard work! What keeps me going is the payday I’m seeing in the future :)

      I’ll get some motivational and productivity posts written.

  4. For those involved with informal public speaking they can also refer people back to personal blogs as appropriate.

    I have heard of bloggers adding their links on business cards or having business cards made up to advertise their blogs.

    1. That’s absolutely right. Thanks for your comment ToscaSac

    2. Cf Winn

      I love using business cards. I agree with you.

  5. Good post! You are right about starting with friends and colleagues, which is exactly what I did. I have come to the conclusion that at the end of the day, it is about traffic. From a new blogger’s perspective, I can say that half my traffic comes from subscribers, while the rest comes from new visitors.

    1. Well well, thanks for your comment Dax!

      50% returning visitors? That’s a pretty impressive number. I’ll keep visiting your site to see how it evolves over time.

  6. Cf Winn

    I make a lot of contacts using business cards as well. I like the no nonsense advice you lay out here. Good luck to everyone who is out there trying to be relevant. We all are and that’s why my new blog: WHAT’S YOUR STORY?? is going to be such a hit. How’s that for an elevator pitch?

    1. Good luck with your new blog!

  7. Cf Winn

    I have to jump back in just one more time. You need to love what you do or everyone, family and friends included, will see right through you and become bored. I started with zero..really family or friends were even willing to look at anything I did, but once I forgot about them and started writing my quirky and humorous posts as if I had a syndicated column…they came…they ALL came. I have a large following and requests to churn out more, faster. So writers…keep on keepin’ on and the rest will follow.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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