No-One Links To The Linkers

With all this brouhaha over Google and their various updates, it’s understandable that bloggers are being a little more cautious about who they link to. Still, most blogger will agree, if you link out to someone, he’ll probably link back to you. Notice I said, “Probably.” As usual, there’s an exception: No-one links to the linkers.

Huh? What’s a Linker?

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of linkers in the blogosphere. They’re those bloggers who say, “Hey! I read this over on Joe’s blog today. He said blah, blah, blah… Here’s a link. Go check it out.

A linker is a blogger who does nothing but link to other bloggers. He doesn’t tell you why you should follow the link and he adds nothing of value for his readers. He just provides links.

Why Doesn’t Anybody Link To The Linkers?

Right off the top of your head you’re probably going to say that no-one links to the linkers because their blogs are poor-quality and spammy.

But if you really think about it, why should anybody link to a linker? A linker doesn’t provide anything of value. It might be a very nice looking blog. There might even be dozens of comments every day. Heck, he could even have a high page rank, although I don’t know how.

But the reason nobody links to a linker is becauer there’s nothing to link TO – and that’s the real take-away, here.

If you want another blogger to link to your post then you have to give them something of value so they have a reason to send their readers to your blog. Otherwise, they’ll just make their own readers angry by sending them on a wild-goose chase and these days no blogger wants to take that risk.

How To Get Other Bloggers To Link To Your Blog

Creating the occasional links post is fine. In fact, many readers love those posts. But tell your readers why you think they should visit that link. What’s in it for your readers?

But if the bulk of your content is links posts, then you’re still not giving other bloggers anything to link to. Think about the type of content you link to. It usually provides valuable information for your readers.

You’ve probably never linked to a post on another blog that just has a link to ANOTHER blog, you link to valuable content because you know that’s what your readers are looking for.

These days there’s not a blogger out there who’s going to link to you simply because you linked to him. Yes, keep linking out to that valuable content on other blogs because your readers appreciate it. But you need to step up and create valuable content, too, if you want other bloggers to link out to you.

Stéphane Kerwer
Article written by Stéphane Kerwer (1995 Posts)
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