Niche Selection: Is It Right for You?

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Every day more and more people come to the Internet determined to make money blogging. Unfortunately, most fail. Those failures can be attributed to several things, like lack of business skills or lack of marketing skills, but most often it’s because they simply chose the wrong niche.

right niche for you

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Most people don’t realize just how much work goes into a blog and how long it takes to build it into a sustainable business. Contrary to what those bogus “Make Money Online” guides say, it can take months, sometimes more than a year, before your blog starts producing a regular income and even then it probably won’t be enough to replace what you’re earning at your full-time job.

In the “real” world they estimate that it takes five years of solid, non-stop effort before a small business will start to turn a profit yet for some reason people think they’ll be able to set up a job and start earn six-figures in the very first month.

Anyway, imagine now, that whatever you choose to blog about, you’re going to have to write an informative article about that topic, five days a week, for at least a year. And then, when your blog does finally start to make sales, you’re going to have to keep blogging about that same topic for years to come. YEARS.

Now, a lot of new bloggers choose niches because someone told them it was popular and profitable. Just a few years ago one of the most popular niches on the Internet was acne medication. Seriously. People were setting up blogs right and left promoting different brands of acne medication. Were they successful? What do you think?

In the beginning, the first few bloggers were probably successful because it was a trendy topic and there was very little competition. At that time, too, Google wasn’t as picky about quality content as they are now so you could get away with a 150-word, poorly written blog post.

But could you imagine writing about acne medication every single day for years on end? After about a month you’d run out of things to write about and most people would be bored to death after the first week.

But let’s talk about “Passion” because that’s something that everyone says you need to have, at least for your first blog or two, a passion for your niche. If you’re going to write all these blog posts and dedicate at least a year of your life to this niche then you’re absolutely going to have to have a least a passing interest in the topic, otherwise you’ll never stick it out. If you’re not interested in the topic you’re blogging about then your content is going to be bland and boring and your readers will see that right off the bat.

So before you jump on that hot niche because someone told you it was profitable, take a closer look. It’s only going to be profitable if you’re interested enough to stick with it and if you can find something new and interesting to blog about every single day of the week for the next year. Now, if acne medication fits that bill for you, that’s fine. If not, and you choose it anyway, then consider yourself marked for failure.

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