New Blogging Mistakes: 6 You Might Not Have Considered

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You’re bound to make mistakes while you’re blogging. Most of them are going to be easy to spot and easy to fix. For example, if you make a mistake when you download a plug-in you’ll see a little notice that says “An error occurred during installation. Please try again.” But some mistakes are a little more subtle. And since you don’t see them, you don’t fix them. Here are six blogging mistakes you need to be aware of because they can have long-term effects on your blog.

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  1. Never leaving your blog: If your blog is getting plenty of traffic you might think it’s not necessary to publish content anywhere else on the web. But think about it. Whether you’re getting 1,000 visitors a day or 10,000 or 100,000, you’re only scratching the surface. There are millions of people searching the web at any given hour of the day. In order to reach most of them you’re going to have to get off your blog and go to where the people are.
  2. Advertising do-follow links for comments: It’s one thing to use do-follow links in your comments but it’s another thing to advertise the fact. Once word gets out you’ll have every blogger on the Internet leaving comments on your blog so they can get that back link, and even if their comments add something of value you have no way of knowing where all those links lead.
  3. Using syndicated content: You can’t be too careful these days. Setting up widgets and using RSS feeds to pull in syndicated content is iffy, especially if you’re syndicating from some of the article directories. Look at your syndicated content the same way you look at everything else. Choose each article individually with an eye toward unique, authoritative content, and manually post it to your blog, along with the attribution link.
  4. Accepting guest blog posts: Matt Cutts has come out against guest blogging not just once but twice in the last three weeks. Google has specifically said, if you’re using poor-quality guest blog posts you’re putting your ranking at risk. Don’t accept guest posts that are anything less than what you’d write yourself.
  5. Judging a book by its cover: Everyone wants to network with other bloggers but don’t be blinded by those big social proof numbers. Thousands of followers and lots of share and likes, and bragging about how many page views he gets doesn’t mean that guy is trustworthy. Trust me. I know. A few months ago I joined a network of “A-list” bloggers who turned out to be some of the most dishonest people I’ve ever met in my life.
  6. Not formatting your posts: Everything about your blog needs to be top-quality, and that includes your formatting. You might have written a blog post worthy of a Pulitzer Prize but if it’s in one big, run-on sentence with no paragraph breaks or sub-headings then it’s going to be impossible to read. Start using formatting to make your content easier for your readers to understand and absorb.

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  1. Felix Lee

    Great tips. I agree with the formatting. It needs to be done right or the post will look like a mess. As for guest blogging, it makes sense to only allow posts that are of acceptable quality according to your standards. I don’t see the point of putting mediocre guest posts on your blog when it doesn’t do you any good.

    1. Hey Felix, thanks for your comment. Guest posts are tricky… A lot of people want the extra attention, but most of the time, the posts I receive are poorly written, so I just won’t publish them.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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