New Age SEO: How To Rank Sites Nowadays

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It’ll come as no surprise to some, and a bit of a shock to others that the very best way to rank sites in this new age of SEO is to do away with automated tools and to do things properly, by hand. For too long marketers have managed to get away with using WordPress SEO automation programs – pretty much “push button” ranking tools, not to mention the high PR blog networks that were deindexed just a few weeks ago too. The days of “ranking on demand” are gone – now if you want to reach the top of the SERPS you’re going to have to put a lot of work in, and if you want to stay there, you’re going to have to commit some ongoing time to it too.

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No spinning, no automation

Depending on how competitive your keywords are, you might be able to rank for them with just a few days of manual work. If they’re more competitive you could be looking at weeks, maybe months. What you need to make sure of is that on each and every site you upload a unique, high quality, handwritten article. If you don’t have the time to write these yourself then outsource them.

The types of sites you should be submitting your articles to include Web 2.0/free blog sites, article directories, document sharing sites, and even video sites (obviously you should upload videos on those). You should also send out lots of emails to people in the same niche as you who run similar sites, enquiring about guest blogging with them. Basically what you want is hand place, high quality links pointing towards your money site. The only automated task you should even think about using for your money site is social bookmarking, and even then it’s a much better idea to do it manually – perhaps dripping in a few new bookmarks every day.

Automated tools aren’t totally useless however

It seems like a lot of effort to go to, and it is. But the fact is if you spend some time making good looking Web 2.0s with high quality content, and uploading high quality articles to article directories, the links will have a 100% stick rate. You can then use your automated tools to created tiered linking by “blasting” the high quality tier 1 properties that you have put in place. You can blast these forever and continue to get benefit from them – that’s why it’s worth spending so much time putting them up initially.

Lots of people will tell you that automated tools no longer work. This is absolutely not the case – because they are still very effective when you use them on your second tier. The thing to remember is that automated tools should never ever be used on your money site any more – but you can pretty much do what you like with them when it comes to your tier 1 sites.

Ranking sites in this new age of SEO is all about having quality links pointing to your money site. It’s no longer a case of whoever has the most ranks highest – that’s not how it works. Instead build high quality tier 1 sites, then “blast” those, if you must!

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  1. Charlie

    Hi Steven, how about web application. I build lot of contents from various API sources, I automated it and make the new and unique contents from it (MashUp Site).

    The SEO OnPage also optimized automatically by scripting language. I do not make a doorway pages or something similar tricks. I build good design and good navigation web sites with scripting (automation content and layout).

    Currently my MashUp sites still good ranked in SE. Is this kind of sites affected by new Google algorithm?

    1. It really depends on how you are displaying the content… If you’re just scraping content from various places and display it “as is” on your website pages, you will eventually get the duplicate content penalty and pushed down from the search results…

    2. Charlie

      Agreed with you. Thank you Steven.

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