You Need WordPress: Here are 7 Reasons Why

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These days, blogs are the ideal way for people to share their ideas, opinions, thoughts and experiences with other people who have common interests. Blogs have also become a primary source of entertainment. However, blogging is such a malleable endeavor that many individuals and organizations use them as a way to communicate with readers and consumers in a more personal manner.


People like to read blogs and major search engines are likely to give the best ratings to blog sites. Blogs make it possible for the writer to communicate with their readers, while allowing the readers to make comments and offer feedback as well. Blogs are a great way for people to interact with one another, and having an active blog is especially important for businesses of all types.

The blogs on WordPress are self-hosted platforms that make it possible for you to establish a domain of your own, while maintaining complete possession of the blog and all of the content that you post on it. The blogs available on WordPress are extremely professional, with incredible flexibility for customization.

If you own a business, or you want to make blogging your business, creating a WordPress blog may be just what you need. Here are seven reasons WordPress may be right for you:

  1. WordPress blogs are easy to set up and manage. They are inexpensive to maintain and they are a great way to generate credibility and enhance your online presence.
  2. WordPress blogs are the ideal platform for attracting search engine traffic as well as visitors from other websites. Search engine robots are able to find their way around and index a WordPress blog with the greatest of ease. This is because of all the hyperlinks and signals that let the robots know exactly what the content is. No matter if you use keywords, tags, image titles or other meta, it is all included by WordPress by default.
  3. WordPress users are encouraged to browse the blogs of other WordPress users, which means even more traffic. This means that there will be that many more people reading your messages and clicking your affiliate ads.
  4. WordPress is a reputable blog platform, which means that people are likely to check out your blog based on the reputation of WordPress when browsing search results.
  5. It is possible to set up your WordPress account so that it automatically pings all RSS and blog feed directories each time you submit a new post. This makes it possible to generate more traffic fast.
  6. You can use categories in WordPress to improve the structure of your blog for search engines and readers alike.
  7. If you run into trouble with your WordPress blog, help is little more than a click away. Because WordPress is so popular, several experts are out there just waiting for someone to ask for their help on the subject.

The truth is that there are several reason to be using WordPress for your blog, too many to list in fact. Take the time to check out the website on your own, and then search online forums and websites for even more information.

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  1. Richard

    I use wordpress for my blog. One big reason to use wordpress is the sheer volume of plugins available that make your blog really flexible and will assist you in doing many different tasks automatically.

    1. Absolutely! The number of available plugins for WordPress is really impressive. This is also the reason why I’m using it as a wireframe for all my online projects.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

Simply input your best email below to get started.

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