Musinc Lessons: 5 Remarkable Things Bloggers Should Learn

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Did you pay attention in your music classes in school? If so, then you understand a little bit about rhythm and how different rhythms can completely change the feel of the music. Here are five remarkable things bloggers can learn from the rhythms of music that will help your blog be the star of the show.

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Your posting rhythm

I watched a video recently about the physics involved with metronomes and how one metronome can influence the rhythm of another. It’s all very complicated and I’m not a physicist so I can’t explain it, but I can tell you this: Your posting frequency greatly affects your audience.

If you’re only posting to your blog two or three times a week, try increasing your frequency for a month or so and watch how your traffic responds. It’s like a rock band up there on stage. The faster the rhythm the more excited the crowd becomes.

The rhythm of your blog posts

The rhythm of each post is important, too. Does it flow smoothly from one point to the next? Are you using strong language to highlight certain points and a softer tone in between to give your readers a breath? Put some ebb-and-flow into your posts to keep your readers interested and engaged.

The rhythm of your language

Ever wonder why one blog attracts more attention than the other, even when they’re both talking about the exact same thing? It’s not always about promotion and link building. Sometimes, one blogger is just a better writer than the other, he understands how to use rhythm in his content.

When you’re finished writing your blog post, sit back and read it out loud. How does it sound? Do your sentences sound short and choppy? If they sound that way to you they probably sound even worse to your readers. Go back and edit your post, focusing on the way it sounds when it’s read out loud. Maybe you need to shorten a sentence or add a colorful turn of phrase to make your content sound more musical and less grating.

Your social engagement

Do you find yourself ignoring your social contacts while you’re working on important projects? I used to do this, too, until I realized that if they responded when I blogged more frequently they’d probably also respond if I Tweeted or Shared more frequently. Again, it’s important to maintain a regular frequency – or beat – in everything you do with your blog.

Your off-site promotion

The off-site promotion you do is just a critical as your blog posts. Guest blogging, article marketing, building 2.0 properties – it all helps promote your blog. And, just like your blog, if you don’t pay attention to your off-site promotion it quickly falls into an archive somewhere and your audience forgets about it.

If you look at your entire blogging business as a CD full of music, then you’ll begin to understand how the different rhythms and beats affect your followers. When it’s fast and furious your readers are excited and anxious to hear more. When it’s slower and more somber they’ll stick around for a while – as long as you’re delivering an important message. But it’s the overall ebb-and-flow that keeps them coming back for more.

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  1. Julia Spencer

    Working in an appropriate rhythm is probably one of the most important points. Bloggers should be active, and should always stay in an active rhythm.

    1. Exactly! Stay in motion, keep a good rhythm and follow the flow

  2. Hi Steven,

    Interesting topic. In addition to the rhythm of your language, you could also talk about tone – your writing voice. How do your posts sound? Is the tone pleasing to anyone who reads your blog? It is similar to the point you raise though.

    You could also look at production values. Is the blog polished and professional? Or is it rough around the edges? Taking the time to make your blog look professional and well thought out can make a much bigger impact on readers.

    1. These are 2 excellent points Ben. Thanks for sharing these.

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