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I love blogging and I can’t really think of anything else I’d rather do. But that doesn’t mean I don’t still have those days when I can’t come up with anything new to blog about. I have a few strategies for multiplying my online content, stretching it and changing it up to cover more turf, and I’ll share a couple with you here.

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Video to Podcast to Content

I’ve always been uncomfortable making videos because I tend to be a perfectionist. It’s never quite good enough and I spend so much time starting over that I never make it to the end. But I found out one day, quite by accident, that if I’m talking with someone else on the video I do just fine. My solution? With UStream I can create a live video feed and my listeners can interact with me and ask questions. I pick a topic and start talking, they join in the conversation and 20 minutes later we’re done.

While I’m online with Ustream I also have another computer running to record the audio output, which I convert into a podcast. And then I convert the podcast to text. Voila! Three different types of content for one 20-minute investment of time. Publish the podcast to iTunes and use the converted text for your blog or an article directory.

Articles into Content into Articles

Now, if you’re like me and you’re uncomfortable with the whole video thing and you’d rather stick to writing, it’s just as easy to re-work your old content and turn it into new content.

I like to start with a good, strong list article that I’ve already written and published somewhere, either on my blog or a Squidoo lens, or even as a guest blog post. Then I pull one item off the list and go into more detail to turn it into an article. A good article only needs to be 450 to 500 words long and chances are you have at least 100 words already in each of the items on your list. All you really need to write is an strong opening paragraph and a closing paragraph and you’re done.

You can turn a Top 10 List into a “Three Best” or “The Ultimate” article and if you keep mixing up the items from article to article you can can come up with a five or six strong articles just from one Top 10 List. Publish some of your new content on your blog and then take some of it and build a Squidoo lens or a Hubpage and as a bonus you end up with instant backlinks, all from the same, original Top 10 List.

My point is, yes, blogging can sometimes be a chore. But learn to sit back and relax and think outside the box to make better use of content you’ve already created. There are billions of people online every day and chances are most of them never saw that original blog post or heard your podcast. Convert that content to a different format and go after another segment of your market.

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  1. Jimi Ellis

    Thanks Ste’
    Some old posts never die, they just require dusting and putting back on the shelf.

    1. I agree Jimi… This is why I focus most of my efforts on timeless content.

  2. Now that my blog makes income, it seems like blogging is just much more stressful.
    Deadlines, guest posts, and the need to continually produce great content are looming over my shoulders, all while I have a 40 hour-a-week day job.
    Sometimes I feel like all I do is work and blog.

    I’m at the point where I’m pretty sure I’m going to start hiring freelancers.

    1. It sounds like you start considering your blog as a real business… That’s a good thing. If you make enough money to may them, hiring freelancers will certainly ease the workload on your shoulders.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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