Moving From Paris, France to Hong Kong

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In late 2011, before going to Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit West, I took a very important decision: moving from Paris, France, to Hong Kong. If you’ve been reading this blog for more than a week, you probably know that I’m a defender of location freedom.

Working online provides us with one of the greatest opportunities of all time: being able to work from anywhere in the world, as long as we have a laptop and an internet connection.

hong kong

I’ve been spending the past 2 years building my online business to reach financial freedom and location freedom. In last December, I decided that it was time to take a leap of faith and finally move to another country.

It took me quite some time to weight the different opportunities and decided that if I was going to move to United States, Canada or somewhere in Asia (Hong Kong, Philippines or Thailand). Each of these places has its pros and cons.

Back in June 2011, I traveled to Hong Kong to meet with a couple companies I was doing online business with. It was a pretty amazing experience and I really liked the place. One of the best things with Hong Kong is that, even if its quite a small city, its location in Asia makes it a fantastic place to live in: you can travel for the weekend or for a week holiday to numerous other countries, including Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Japan, and the list goes on…

My business being more stable, moving to a new place wasn’t such a big risk, and I didn’t want to wait for another couple of years before enjoying the results of my hard work.

So… I just did it! I got rid of my apartment in Paris, then I either sold or gave most of my belongings, keeping only what would fit in my suitcase. Then, after spending a week in Las Vegas at Caesar’s Palace for Affiliate Summit West, I didn’t take a plane back to France, but I took a plane to Los Angeles, then another one to Hong Kong, completing my first roundtrip around the world.

hong kong skyline

Moving to a new country was somewhat scary but the fear was completely over-balanced by the excitement of discovering a new culture and meeting some new people…

The main problem I have to face these days is the timezone issue. Hong Kong has a 12 Hours time difference with New York. And when it’s 6pm on the US West Coast, it’s 9am on day+1 in Hong Kong! That’s very complicated to get ahold of people for skype chats and video conferences…

Now here I am, living in Hong Kong since mid-January 2012. And so far it’s a tremendous experience! (More to come about Hong Kong soon)

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  1. David

    Hi Steven, I did not know you were living in Hong Kong, that sounds absolutely fantastic.

    Does that mean that you are also speaking Mandarin now?

    I visited China back in 2002 and it is, in many ways, like another world. Enjoy your time there.

    1. I’m not yet able to speak Chinese. This is on my to-do list but it’s going to take some time… It’s so different from French and English.

    2. David

      Yes, I know. I have some Chinese friends. The good news is that the grammar is simple. The problem is that you will need to learn to make the sounds. Each word has 4 meanings based on 4 tones and if you get the tone wrong, you will be using the wrong word.

      I don’t know Chinese either, but I do know that much about it.

    3. Joseph

      Dave, that’s quite tricky… four meanings for each word? I never knew that, well… I guess it’s because am not much into being curious of getting to know the language.

      You guys should also considered paying a visit to Kenya, its a cool place with lots of wonders in the wild.

    4. Joseph

      Now something here makes me wanna know more about China. Steven says its a fantastic place to live in whereas Dave describes the place as another world and that I guess its far from our own.

  2. Tim

    Awesome Steph you’re an inspiration for us French marketers! :)

    I want to live in asia too one day, always been a big fan!

    Love from Vendée :)


    1. Joseph

      Not only is Steven an inspiration to the French marketers, but to the world marketers also.

      Tim, if you are really so much into living in Asia good luck. I definitely know that if you set this as a goal, you’ll eventually achieve it.


  3. Buysellwordpress

    That’s so great that you can move everywhere you like and have no restrictions in it. Unfortunately, I have no such an opportunity, but hope to get it in some time

    1. Joseph

      Just like you, am very much impressed by Steven’s freedom of location. He can sure be anywhere around the world and still keep his business up and going.

  4. Dmitriy

    You’re a real example of how working online gives financial freedom.
    I wish I’d live in Paris… Why did you choose Hong-Kong?

    1. Joseph

      Hi Dmitriy, Some of Steven’s reason to choose Hong-Kong even if its quite a small city is because of its advantageous location in Asia which makes it a fantastic place to live in.

      Thanks a lot.

  5. Melissa

    I agree completely with Dmitriy. You show everyone an excellent example of how many opportunities and freedom in making decisions we can get, having enough money and desire

  6. Joseph

    This might be one of the great decisions that one can make and I know it’s not quite easy to leave friends and family you’ve lived with for a very long time. Therefore it’s a great pleasure for me to wish you a lots fun in HongKong. The move you have taken us really teaches us a lot and mostly inspires us to believe in our true self, work hard, and always to stay focused and by this we can enjoy fruits so sweet like this – freedom of location.


  7. Manuel

    Glad to read you made it over here to Asia and that you actually like. Still a lot to do here though in terms of internet marketing and all those stuff :)

  8. Rconnoriii

    Great you had a chance to live your dreams….Hope to do the same but Thailand. Look forward to any updated post about your experiences!

    1. I didn’t get the chance to visit Thailand yet but this is certainly on my to-do list for this year.

  9. Nanyi Albuero

    WOW! Great move … I, too, lived in Paris, France as a boursiere du gouvernement francais and worked as an stagiaire on French TV. Then-British Hong Kong was one of my stops during my international career odyssey. Had the distinction of being named the first non-Brit to sit at the editorial helm of the prestigious Peninsula Group Magazine (The Peninsula Hotel — you should have high tea there if you haven’t already). I hear HK air is very polluted from HK friends … soyez prudent alors. HK’s a great place — VERY busy and great shopping. I enjoyed my time there.

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