Monthly Traffic Report – November 2011

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Dukeo being a live case study, it’s important to keep track of traffic stats to follow the growth of this blog. I share the REAL stats of this website copied directly from Google Analytics.

Use these traffic reports to keep an idea of the kind of traffic you can generate over time when starting a blog from scratch, without leveraging any other web property.

Unique Visitors and Pageviews

Let’s start with some general data about this month traffic: unique visitors and pageviews. These two indicators are the most commonly used in web statistics. Every webmaster know how many unique visitors he is receiving monthly as well as the number of page impressions. Here is Dukeo’s data for this month:

Unique Visitors and Pageviews

The number of unique visitors grew by a decent 16% during past month. Once again, Dukeo beat its own record of the biggest month in terms of Unique Visitors and also the biggest in terms of Unique Pageviews.

My traffic is growing steadily and it’s time for another month of growth.

Traffic Sources

Here is a general overview of the sources where dukeo’s traffic has been coming from during the past month.

Traffic Sources

There has been some important changes in the shares of each type of traffic: search engine traffic grew from 43.59% to 59.81%! This share of traffic was almost completely taken from Referral traffic while direct traffic stayed quite stable.

Top 5 Traffic Sources

Wondering what are the top 5 traffic sources of Here comes the answer.
Top 5 Traffic Sources

This graph clearly demonstrates that traffic coming from Google grew disproportionally fast compared to the traffic coming from other sources.

The traffic coming from Twitter and StumbleUpon stayed almost stable during last month. On the other hand, none of my blog posts made it to the top of AffBuzz page, so this source didn’t bring as much traffic as before.

Top 10 Keywords

Following comes the list of the top 10 keywords which brought some traffic from search engines to dukeo.

  1. add me on facebook (25)
  2. caricature body (25)
  3. how to get more twitter followers 2011 (24)
  4. kong paris (22)
  5. mywot (22)
  6. thai massage paris (22)
  7. how to transfer old gmail to new gmail account (20)
  8. text link ads review (19)
  9. how to get traffic from stumbleupon (15)
  10. sponsored tweets review (15)

A notable fact that you can observe is that each of the keywords in my Top 10 brought over 15 visitors, which was not the case until now. For example, last month my top 10 keywords brought more than 10 visitors each to Dukeo. This means that my rankings for these keywords must have increased.

I am starting to receive a decent chunk of traffic from search engines, and from the look of it, I am ranking for more keywords every single month.

Let’s add some interesting information about the number of keywords which are bringing traffic to dukeo.

  • February: 71
  • March: 166 (+134%)
  • April: 329 (+98%)
  • May: 520 (+58%)
  • June: 636 (+22%)
  • July: 828 (+30%)
  • August: 1292 (+56%)
  • September: 1260 (-2.5%)
  • October: 1882 (+49%)
  • November: 2450 (+30%)

Since I changed of hosting company, I didn’t have any issue with Dukeo being down. I’m pretty sure it does have a positive influence on my search engine rankings since they are seeing Dukeo as a reliable website. Combine this with the fact that I worked on new strategies to grow my organic traffic and Boom! another 30% more keywords! I can’t wait to see next month’s results.

Top 10 Posts/Pages

And finally, here is the list of the top 10 most viewed posts/pages during last month. This may include some posts which have been published during previous months but are still very popular or highly ranked in SERPs.

  1. Homepage (907)
  2. Delightful Thai Massage at La Villa Thai, Paris (262)
  3. 185 Extremely Creative Billboards To Use As Inspiration For Your Ads (227)
  4. Who is Bryn Youngblut? (215)
  5. MYWOT Web Of Trust Review: Modern Web Totalitarism (192)
  6. Gallery (162)
  7. How To Get More Twitter Followers (152)
  8. Celebrating Birthdays at Kong Restaurant, Paris (143)
  9. How To Make Money Online Writing Book Reviews (125)
  10. Text Link Ads Review: Should You Sell Text Links On Your Blog? (119)

This month, the number of pageviews in this Top 10 has decreased a little compared to previous months. Dukeo’s homepage has been viewed 100 times less than previous month, but a lot more articles have over 100 pageviews: this clearly demonstrates that the traffic is spread across more of Dukeo’s pages. We’ll see how this will evolve next month!

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  1. Mitch

    You can use Google Insights to compare different keywords and keyword phrases to help generate more directed traffic. I did this with my online business and it seems to be working.

    1. Anon

      Google Trends is very similar to Insight and is very effective. The two combined can give you a whole lot of data!

  2. Michelle

    LOL @ caricature body being in the top 5 keywords! Those things are too hilarious! Who draws them for you? and who types “caricature body” into a search engine anyways?

    1. Anon

      I do. muahahaha!

  3. Chris

    This basically exactly what I’ve been trying to do with my blog, it’s so cheap to host a website and register your domain name, anybody can teach themselves search engine and internet marketing through experimenting with content and using tools like the ones here.

    1. Affmaster

      I agree, everyone with a site that they are trying to draw traffic to should be using these tools. That’s the best way to monitor and track everything so you can set and accomplish your goals.

  4. Liz

    You know I think a reason why your blog is so successful is that you cover so much subject matter. Looking at your top 10 posts, they are on a wide variety of topics, from reviewing a massage place, to “who is” highlights, to tips and tricks to succeed and make money. Kudos on the great stats, keep it up!

  5. Amanda@buysellwordpress

    I agree with Liz, the reason of your success is because you are not writing about, for example, online marketing all day long, you always offer your readers some different topics. And as a result it’s always interesting to visit your blog. Good luck in your further development!

  6. Shad

    It’s so great that something like this is available. Not only can you see what exact search terms were used, but also how many people they brought in. Very cool, definitely something I will be using in the future.

  7. Gorman

    Gotta love Google.

    1. Michelle

      Who doesn’t?? I’ve heard it’s a really great place to work too, it sounds like all the staff just have fun all the time!

  8. Chris

    I use Stumble Upon all the time, but I’ve never known how to get traffic to my blog or websites from it. Where can I find that?

    1. Sarah

      Stumble Upon is the besssst! But I’ve never thought of using it for my sites either, that would be really beneficial to find out more about it.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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