Monthly Traffic Report – January 2012

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Dukeo being a live case study, it’s important to keep track of traffic stats to follow the growth of this blog. I share the REAL stats of this website copied directly from Google Analytics.

Use these traffic reports to keep an idea of the kind of traffic you can generate over time when starting a blog from scratch, without leveraging any other web property.

Unique Visitors and Pageviews

Let’s start with some general data about this month traffic: unique visitors and pageviews. These two indicators are the most commonly used in web statistics. Every webmaster know how many unique visitors he is receiving monthly as well as the number of page impressions. Here is Dukeo’s data for this month:

Unique Visitors and Pageviews

The number of unique visitors grew by a very nice 15% during past month. Once again, Dukeo beat its own record of the biggest month in terms of Unique Visitors and also the biggest in terms of Unique Pageviews.

My traffic is growing steadily and it’s time for another month of growth. Let’s see if I’ll reach the 20k pageviews in February…

Traffic Sources

Here is a general overview of the sources where dukeo’s traffic has been coming from during the past month.

Traffic Sources

For once, search engine traffic didn’t grow that much compared to other traffic sources. The different percentages stayed quite steady.

Top 5 Traffic Sources

Wondering what are the top 5 traffic sources of Here comes the answer.
Top 5 Traffic Sources

This graph clearly demonstrates that traffic coming from Google is still very impressive compared to the traffic coming from other sources. It accounts for over 6 out of every 10 visitors that Dukeo is receiving.

The traffic coming from Twitter completely crashed. This is mostly due to me quitting Triberr. I joined the website a few months ago and it was bringing some decent traffic to me. However, not so long ago, the admins of that service decided to change the way ot works and as a result you can’t put it on auto-pilot anymore. Result: traffic crash.

Top 10 Keywords

Following comes the list of the top 10 keywords which brought some traffic from search engines to dukeo.

  1. freedom (40)
  2. kong paris (33)
  3. add me on facebook (28)
  4. mywot (25)
  5. dukeo (21)
  6. thai massage paris (21)
  7. caricature body (17)
  8. john chow (16)
  9. kong restaurant (16)
  10. ryan eagle (17)

Let’s add some interesting information about the number of keywords which are bringing traffic to dukeo.

  • February: 71
  • March: 166 (+134%)
  • April: 329 (+98%)
  • May: 520 (+58%)
  • June: 636 (+22%)
  • July: 828 (+30%)
  • August: 1292 (+56%)
  • September: 1260 (-2.5%)
  • October: 1882 (+49%)
  • November: 2450 (+30%)
  • December: 2740 (+12%)
  • January: 3244 (+18%)

The number of keywords bringing traffic to Dukeo this month increased once again. The growth was a little more important than previous month, which is quite encouraging.

Top 10 Posts/Pages

And finally, here is the list of the top 10 most viewed posts/pages during last month. This may include some posts which have been published during previous months but are still very popular or highly ranked in SERPs.

  1. Homepage (1950)
  2. Delightful Thai Massage at La Villa Thai, Paris (310)
  3. Celebrating Birthdays at Kong Restaurant, Paris (286)
  4. Affiliate Summit West 2012 Las Vegas – Adsimilis Dinner and Party (270)
  5. How To Make Money Online Writing Book Reviews (238)
  6. 185 Extremely Creative Billboards To Use As Inspiration For Your Ads (223)
  7. Gallery (223)
  8. Reviews (162)
  9. Top 7 WordPress SEO Strategies (159)
  10. How To Make Money Taking Photographs And Selling Them Online As Stock Photos (153)

Dukeo’s pages has been viewed almost 1900 times more than previous month! I can’t wait to see next month’s stats!

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    very impresive growth,
    congratulation Steven

    1. Thanks for the kind words !

  2. Kevin Martin

    Your blog’s traffic growth is wonderful. I can’t until I begin to receive as many unique visitors and pageviews as you. Nice!

    1. Hey thank you :) I’m trying my best…

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

Simply input your best email below to get started.

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