Monthly Traffic Report – April 2013

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Dukeo being a live case study, it’s important to keep track of traffic stats to follow the growth of this blog. I share the REAL stats of this website copied directly from Google Analytics.

Use these traffic reports to keep an idea of the kind of traffic you can generate over time when starting a blog from scratch, without leveraging any other web property.

Unique Visitors and Pageviews

Let’s start with some general data about this month traffic: unique visitors and pageviews. These two indicators are the most commonly used in web statistics. Every webmaster know how many unique visitors he is receiving monthly as well as the number of page impressions.

Here is Dukeo’s data: first graph represents the evolution over the past 24 months, second graph represents data over the past 12 months.

Unique Visitors and Pageviews

Traffic Sources

Here is a general overview of the sources where dukeo’s traffic has been coming from during the past month.

Traffic Sources

Top 5 Traffic Sources

Wondering what are the top 5 traffic sources of Here comes the answer.

Top 5 Traffic Sources

Top 10 Keywords

Following comes the list of the top 10 keywords which brought some traffic from search engines to dukeo.

  1. dukeo (64)
  2. commission crusher (18)
  3. how to make money taking pictures (17)
  4. entrepreneurship is living a few years (16)
  5. follow up email to potential partners (15)
  6. my mobile money pages review (15)
  7. some people dream of great accomplishments (12)
  8. creative billboards (11)
  9. hong kong (11)
  10. mywot (10)

Top 10 Posts/Pages

And finally, here is the list of the top 10 most viewed posts/pages during last month. This may include some posts which have been published during previous months but are still very popular or highly ranked in SERPs.

  1. Homepage (11729)
  2. Best Free SEO / Online Marketing Tools (7367)
  3. WordPress SEO: Get Insane Traffic From Google (3472)
  4. Post a Review and Make Huge Money (1280)
  5. How To Start A Blog: Complete Guide (959)
  6. 5 Killer Ways to Improve your Writing Right Now (842)
  7. Why Dukeo Will Help You Make Money Online (815)
  8. List Building: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need (523)
  9. 185 Extremely Creative Billboards To Use As Inspiration For Your Ads (510)
  10. 13 Ways to Promote Your Next Blog Post (498)

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  1. Hesham

    Thanks for the info, so I can see that most of the traffic is coming from Twitter not search engine, how do you explain that? Do you have any yips for using StumbleUpon to get traffic? Why there’s no traffic from Facebook I believe you have Facebook page isn’t ?

    1. Well, it’s not “most” of the traffic, it’s only 25% of it.

      The explanation is simple: I put the emphasis on bringing more traffic to my site from Twitter because I like the community there.

      There is some traffic from Facebook. It’s just not in the top 5.

  2. Colin Robbins

    I am seeing the similar stats on my blog (albeit smaller volumes), and my corporate web site. It seem search engines are now a much lower source of overall traffic than they were. However, what it seems difficult to assess is where the ‘good’ hits come from – by good, I mean people that read the article and act upon it, leaving feedback or react in some way, versus the person that has a quick glance and moves on. My hunch is the search engine traffic will be higher quality, with visitors specifically looking for info about the blog subject.

    1. Colin, the increase of traffic percentage coming from other sources (than google) makes sense.

      The more work we put into getting traffic from Social Media, the more traffic we will receive. It’s really not rocket science.

      As to knowing the value of the traffic coming from various sources, you can track some “goals” in Google Analytics. As a result, I know exactly what percentage of visitors from each source is subscribing to my newsletter, clicking on affiliate links…

  3. Holly

    Your sites mobile version looks good, Steven, but lacks a search option. On a site this size, it would be a nice feature.


    Goodness, Steven, you’re requiring novels in comments, now?

    I thought the suggestion about search was something useful.

  4. Tonygreene113 @ 113tidbits

    Is there a better tool to collect traffic stats from users that are not seen by Google Analytics? I tend to give more weight to the stats package from HostGator where my site resides at.

    What do you think?

    1. what stats do you think are missing from Google Analytics?

    2. Tony Greene

      Google Analytics is flawed because it doesn’t accurately count visits if the code is 1. not embedded properly 2. If javascript is disabled on visitor computer, no traffic triggered, and 3. Server side stats reflect a more accurate count of traffic.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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