Monthly Income Report May 2016: $2,831.67

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Monthly Income Report May 2016: $2,831.67
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The past month has been particularly exciting for one of my projects (like mind-blowing exciting).

I’ll tell you more about this in a minute, but first let’s talk about a special event for me in May: it was the 2 year anniversary of my move to Manila, Philippines!

I still have a hard time processing this piece of information because it feels like I moved here only a few months ago.

I can’t talk about all European countries because I didn’t experience life in all of them, but I can say that France is doing absolutely nothing to keep its entrepreneurs in the country.

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There’s an odd combination of total lack of vision, no excitement about the future, and insanely high taxes, that can either totally discourage you from being an entrepreneur and creating a company, or push you to move to a place where entrepreneurship is encouraged and nurtured.

Since my projects are location-independent, and I’m not one to throw the towel, the choice was easy: take my business somewhere else.

And let me tell you that Asia is where things are happening: the majority of the fastest growing economies on the planet are in Asia. You can feel that dynamism and energy every time you meet an entrepreneur… And you meet a lot of them in Asia.

I have the chance to hangout regularly with several online marketers here in the Philippines such as my good friend Ian Fernando. Everyone is working on a different thing and there’s nothing like spending some time with like-minded entrepreneurs to get you motivated to grow your business to the next level.

Moreover, since Philippines, along with countries like Vietnam, Thailand, and several others, are still less developed countries, your money can go a really long way.

People like me, as well as digital nomads, are location-independent. It means that the place where I live doesn’t impact my income. So it just makes sense to live in a country where the cost of living is lower. It allows me to enjoy a better lifestyle than if I was still in France.


This is the view from my living room / office. I can’t get tired of it.

Aside from the economic aspect, Philippines is a great country to live in. Filipinos are super nice people with a destabilizing optimism. They have to face a tremendous level of adversity and the country is hit by several typhoons every year, yet most people here are extremely positive and never miss a chance to have fun.

I don’t regret for a second moving here, and will hopefully stay here for many more years.

Now let’s get down to business!

Niche Sites

At the beginning of this article, I was telling you that one of my projects has seen some mind-blowing results in May.

Just take a look at my niche sites growth:

That’s a 62% increase in traffic for all my niche sites combined, and a 105% increase in revenue!

Now these numbers are already pretty exciting, but let’s take a look at my biggest niche site:

About halfway through the month, I saw where these numbers were going and it got me really pumped to keep working hard on this project.

That meant doing more keyword-research to uncover some gold nuggets, produce more content, format the content properly for optimal CTR and conversion rate.

As a result of this hard work, that niche site saw a 112% increase in traffic (more than double previous month!), as well as 131% increase in revenue (WAY more than double previous month!).

On May 8th, the site hit 1000+ visitors in a day for the very first time, and it never went back below 1000 after that day. It kept increasing and even reached 1600+ visitors in a single day (twice). May is also the first month I managed to hit the 8% commission rate with Amazon.

I’m not sure this site will keep growing at this pace for the next month, but I’ll definitely work on it as much as possible to make it happen.

My goal at this point is to at least maintain my somewhat-standard 50% growth month over month. Obviously, I won’t complain if it’s more.

Some of you may consider these numbers as pretty small (especially people doing straight affiliate arbitrage with paid traffic), but the major difference with this business model is that I’m actually building an asset that has value on its own and can be sold.

The standard formula for calculating reselling price for niche websites is simple: 20 times the monthly revenue.

It means that I could make around $47,171.40 if I was to sell this website tomorrow. Not too bad, eh?


As expected since I put exactly zero hour of work into this blog in May, and I posted only one article (my income report), the traffic went back to “normal”.

In April, I ran an experiment by publishing a lot of new generic articles, and while there was clearly an improvement in revenue, it wasn’t worth the effort needed to keep that pace.

As you can see, the traffic and revenue came back to almost the same numbers as March.

I don’t have any particular plan to post new articles besides income reports at this point.

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Joint Venture

I keep reporting about this joint venture here, but since I was focused only on my niche sites last month, I didn’t put any work into this project.

Maybe some new things happening with that site next month.

Viral Sites

Even though my 3 viral sites were still on auto-pilot during May, the traffic increase by almost 4k visitors. Unfortunately, the revenue didn’t follow.

The only part that is not fully-automated with these sites is the email newsletter: I am still curating articles and sending the daily email manually.

Hopefully, I will find time this month to work with Aweber API to automate this part of the process as well.

What about the money?

Here is a breakdown of the money flow for my various projects.

To make this report easier to understand, I’m using a simple color code: green numbers are positive, red numbers are negative.

Please keep in mind that these figures may not be 100% accurate due to various factors such as refund requests and network adjustments. The terms for each payment may also vary. As a result these numbers may differ from the actual payments issued and received.

Niche Sites$1,258.45▲ $846.91
Amazon$2,598.64▲ $1,347.38
AdSense$27.87▲ $0.18
Content-$1,368.06▼ $500.65
Dukeo$88.89▼ $656.21
AdSense$21.69▲ $5.18
Viral Sites$80.18▲ $0.66
Sovrn$58.56▲ $4.12
AdSense$16.98▲ $8.81
Contextual Ads$4.64▼ $12.27
JV-$10.60▲ $29.50
AdSense$39.36▼ $12.03
Affiliate$21.95▼ $16.60
Promotion-$42.91▲ $58.13
Misc-$396.66▲ $341.44
LiquidWeb-$278.09▼ $2.98
Income$2,831.67▲ $683.13
Expenses-$1,806.11▼ $135.58
NET TOTAL$1,025.56▲ $547.55

Thanks to the growth of my main niche site, my profit more than doubled compared to previous month and I finally made more than $1,000 from these projects.

I made one major mistake in May: purchasing more content for a new niche site. While it appeared like a good idea at the time, my income would be more than double if I had not spent money on that.

The problem is that this content is not going to bring any money for several months, and it would make more sense to invest in more content for my main niche site since it’s already profitable.

I’m starting to like where this graph is going: my revenue is growing nicely, while my expenses are somewhat stable.

As a result, my net income is starting to grow nicely and it should get even better next month since I am planning to lower my expenses even more.

What’s next?

The plan for next month is to invest time and money more wisely: I’m not going to launch or grow any new site.

All my resources and time are going to be invested in improving my main niche site and growing my bottom line. Specifically, that means doing solid keyword-research and producing premium content to get even more traffic to that website.

I can’t wait to share next month’s results with you!

Please leave a comment below with any observation or question you may have. I will try my best to answer everyone.

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  1. I’m sorry to say but you should fix your site’s loading speed. Tried 4 times to see your niche sites growth screenshot or image but I was unable to see any of images in this page.

    Note: You can’t delete the comment after reading this.

    1. Thanks for your comment Max, but these graphs are loading just fine from here.

  2. Larry

    looks as if your niche site promoting the Amazon product or products is your best source of income?

    1. It is indeed :)

  3. Amy

    Saved as a favorite, I really like your website!

    1. Thank you Amy :)

  4. Benjamin Carter-riley

    Looks like you are making a lot of money using Amazon! Amazing. :)

    This truly is an inspiration that you can make money by blogging.
    Thanks for the insights Steven.


    1. You’re welcome Benjamin :)

      Amazon has been pretty good for me lately indeed, and it looks like June numbers will be even better!

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