Money & Blog Traffic: 10 Awesome Ways To Fail

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Say WHAT?! Ten awesome ways to make NO money with your blog traffic? What’s the point? Why would you want to blog if you weren’t making any money? Because, everything doesn’t have to be about money. In fact, you need to mix it up a little to improve your search engine ranking and grow your connection with your readers. In the end, everything you do that increases your traffic and builds that connection will help increase your income. So yeah, here are 10 ways to make no money with your blog traffic.

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awesome ways to make no money with blog traffic

  1. Be controversial – You’re so busy trying to please everybody so you can sell them something. Take a break and let your readers get a glimpse of the real you. Sound off about something that’s happening in your niche or something you saw on another blog. Be polite of course and always make sure you can back up your position. People love controversy – no matter what niche you’re in. Be controversial and watch your traffic explode.
  2. Be charitable – Blog about something close to your heart. Save the whales, promote your local library, draw attention to breast cancer research, help save a local business that’s fallen on hard times. Again, your readers will appreciate learning that you’re a real person, concerned about real issues. And you might even attract some new local followers to your blog.
  3. Create a favorites list – Your favorite music videos, your favorite plug-ins, your favorite recipes – something relevant to your niche, but with a twist so your list is unique and ranks well in the search engines. You’re not selling them anything but you’re giving them some interesting information that will keep them coming back for more.
  4. The Best Of post – Create a list of your favorite blog posts for the previous year and get the blood flowing through your blog again. Regular readers will appreciate the reminder and new readers will like the new information.
  5. Top 10 Blogs – Be daring and put together a thoughtful list of your Top 10 Blogs in your niche. Sure, they’re your competitors but we all understand the value of linking out, don’t we? Your giving your readers something valuable. And those other blogs will probably link to you now.
  6. Organize a blog carnival – Blog carnivals are fun and they can generate a ton of new traffic for your blog. Get your group of blogging buddies together, pick a topic and start blogging. Everybody has to have their post ready on the assigned date and then you all email your readers with the links. Make sure you all have links in your posts, too, to send readers on to the next blog.
  7. Blog about a seminar – Boost your authority with your readers by attending an industry event such as a seminar or book signing or how-to course. Give your readers all the details on your blog and you’ll be a star.
  8. Step to the side – Sometimes we get to the point where we’ve narrowed our focus so much we might as well have blinders on. We can’t see the forest for the trees. Step to the side of your blog and take a look around. There may be a whole new audience there that you’ve been overlooking. For example, if your niche is Barbie Dolls and that’s all you ever blog about, what about Ken? What about Midge? What about the Bratz dolls? If your readers are interested in Barbie, chances are they’re aware of these other dolls, too, and you might just be the blogger who sparks a new interest for them.
  9. Promote another blogger – It’s one thing to introduce a guest blogger and ask everyone to give him a round of applause. But try actually promoting another blogger with one of your own posts. Pick a blogger whom you really admire and tell your readers why they should go visit that blog. Use links to specific blog posts so your readers can see exactly what you’re talking about. Don’t write it up like an interview. This should be something from the heart.
  10. Share a secret – Ahhhh, who doesn’t love secrets? We spend all of our time, though, trying to find a way to get money out of our readers in exchange for our expert advice. But what happens when you share a secret? People lean in closer to hear. People bond over secrets. Tell your readers a secret and you’ll make them feel special. And if telling one lousy secret is going to ruin you entire financial future, then you’re already in trouble anyway.

As you can see, these 10 awesome ways to make no money with blog traffic will actually increase your bond with your readers. They’re fun, they’re thought provoking and they’re engaging. And anything that helps your traffic will ultimately increase your bottom line.

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