Monetize Existing Content: How To Get Paid Using It

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You blog, blog, blog, blog, blog and you’re not making any money. Or maybe you are making money but you’d like to make more. A lot of the suggestions you see involve writing eve more content, like for article marketing, or building up some Web 2.0 properties. Is there some way to get paid using your existing content so you don’t have to spend the rest of your life writing?

paid using existing content

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Put it all together in an ebook to sell on Amazon

Go through your blog, gather up all your “How-To” posts and put them together to form an ebook. Add picures or screenshots to spice it up and use some nice formatting for a professional look.

In the past, bloggers would sell these ebooks on their blogs for $7 or $17, whatever the market would bear. But these days, you’ll make more of an impact if you self-publish your book with’s CreateSpace service.

Using Createspace to publish your ebook gives your book a little more of a sense of authority than it would if you just posted a PDF download on your blog. Plus, millions of Amazon affiliate bloggers send their readers to Amazon every day. You’ll have much more exposure than you would if you kept your book on your own blog.

Once you’ve published your first book, rinse and repeat until you’ve built up a whole library of ebooks, all taken from the content of your blog.

Put some of it together into a small guide to sell on your blog

Go back through some of your older, more popular blog posts and pull two or three that you can put together into a small guide of some type. This, too, can be sold on Amazon, or you can post it on your blog as a freebie or inexpensive download and include links to your full-size Amazon ebooks.

Add in some affiliate or contextual links

Unless you’re running several dozen tightly SEO’d blogs that all get huge amounts of traffic, you’ve probably already seen you’re not going to get rich just running Google Adsense on your blog. Time to add some affiliate links and there’s nothing that says you have to stick to one item.

I have a news-type blog where I cover different trending news topics every day, but the idea would work with just about any blog. The next time you’re writing up a blog post, think to yourself, “What can I link to that would make some money?” It may be a book that you can find at Amazon. It may be a product you can find at Clickbank or one of the other affiliate networks. Just include a contextual link to something that can increase your earnings.

At the very least, consider some of the contextual ad networks like Kontera or InfoLinks.

Publish it somewhere else first

It’s tricky, but you can also publish your blog content somewhere else first, before you use it on your blog. This is especially helpful for newer blogs that don’t have a very high page rank.

Instead of publishing that killer blog post on your blog, publish it on a Squidoo lens or a HubPage, which you can then monetize with affiliate products for extra income, or you can simply link back to your blog and send visitors there for more information.

The benefit is – Squidoo lenses and HubPages rank very well in the Google index, most of the time they rank better than your blog. So they’re good for grabbing the top index spots. You can monetize these pages and use them as little satellite sites or you can use them to send people back to your blog.

Plus, once these pages are published and indexed, you can then use the exact same content on your blog. Keep in mind, though – the search engines will give preference to the original posting site when it comes to rankings. Still, you want to make sure you publish killer content, no matter where you publish.

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  1. George From Seekdefo

    Your post is insanely clever . Never thought of this. Most of the time its the same rhetoric. Quality quality and more quality. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for your kind words George!

  2. Bivori

    Publishing the killer content to somewhere else first is something the tips I read it for the first time. But still, it sounds quite convincing. At the beginning stage, it must give your space to promote yourself and make you noticed. Good tips!

    1. Thanks for the kind words

  3. Alison

    I’ve always thought posting duplicate content is a big no no. You are hoping to get higher page rank, but if you are the one posting the same post again, at least Google, will ding you for it. Thus maybe lowering your page rank. I would make reword the post to make it a little bit different from the original so that you don’t get dinged.

    1. You can reword the post, but you can also repackage the same content using another medium… You can always compile all your blog posts on a given subject into an Ebook and sell it! There is no search engine’s duplicate content involved in that process…

  4. Mike

    Great way to monetize your content

    another thing what you can do is to publish a snippet pdf of the book/ebook and upload to all pdf sites and social bookmarking sites. will give you lots of traffic.

    then you can put an optin form in your pdf and automate a sales letter for the full book.

    = profit.

    1. Thanks for sharing that interesting technique Mike. I think I already something similar somewhere. I’ll dig more into it and let you know about my results.

  5. I learned a ton; rare these days in a blog post…thanks so much and thanks, too, for your simple writing with easy to understand tips.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Jayme!

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