Mobile SEO: Do We Really Need to Optimize for Mobile Visitors?

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There’s a lot of talk about WordPress SEO mobile marketing these days. In fact, if you follow Facebook news then you know that their main focus right now is trying to monetize that mobile market so they can please their investors. It would almost appear that if you don’t have a mobile website you might as well move into a cave and learn to read smoke signals. However, don’t start packing yet. Not everyone needs to optimize their sites for mobile phones.

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Before you start paying some designer to optimize your site, let’s take a look at the reasons you might need it. The whole purpose of designing a mobile site is so that your site will appear well in the smaller screen of mobile phones and so searchers can easily access your important links. But let’s look a little closer at what people are looking for when they use mobile search.

The word “mobile” is a dead giveaway. People conducting searches on their mobile phones are generally moving around – walking, driving, riding the bus or train. When you’re mobile you need to be watching your surroundings. You don’t have time to do a lot of typing and reading so whatever you’re viewing needs to be easy to see in one glance and links have to be prominently displayed.

Of course, it never hurts to plan ahead. You won’t be wasting your time if you optimize your site for mobile. But keep in mind, it’s not going to add anything to your business unless you have the type of site that attracts mobile search traffic.

People conducting searches while they’re mobile typically aren’t looking for a novel they can read online. More often than not they’re looking for local business information – the nearest Italian restaurant, the movie times at the local theater, a tow truck or a taxi. Can you picture someone walking down the street suddenly having a reason to look up your website? If so, they you need to optimize your site for mobile phones.

People also use their mobile devices to share content with friends, and it’s typically entertainment-type content. Videos, of course, are the most popular, but they also share images, infographics, music and even blogs and websites, but remember – in most cases involving blogs and websites the recipient is still going to have to wait until he’s no longer mobile before he can view the content.

Why do you need to optimize your site for mobile phones?

Maybe your site does get a lot of local search traffic and now you’re wondering why you need to go to the expense of a redesign. Maybe you don’t right this minute, but if you’re already getting a lot of mobile traffic you can probably get even more if your site looked better when viewed from a mobile phone.

You’ll also get better conversions with a mobile design. Remember, people need to be able to quickly see you entire message and your navigation links – without having to scroll. In most cases, the only way you’ll get that is if you optimize your site for mobile phones.

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  1. Carlos

    While this is true for the most part, there are situations where a mobile accessible site would still be a good idea. Consider a photographer’s site. A new bride sits down with friends at lunch and wants to show them their photos from the site, or a proud mom wants to show recent photos of the kids for instance. Quite a bit of that goes on too. There’s no waiting until they get home for those experiences and you don’t want people to be frustrated with your site not working in those instances.

    1. I don’t get your point Carlos… Don’t you think the bride is going to have her wedding pictures on her mobile phone without having to go online?!

  2. Matt Foster

    Your last paragraph is right on point – speed is a necessity for mobile optimization. Speed also helps in the search results, not to mention conversions, as it reduces the rate of bounce/abandonment, especially on mobile devices.

    1. Absolutely Matt! Speed is a necessity for both computers and mobiles. But it’s critical for mobiles since the pages usually load slower due to bad connections

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