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Mobile Money Machines was launched in August of 2011 and since then it’s been a hot topic of discussion on some Internet Marketing forums. The idea of mobile marketing is just beginning to take hold and right now it’s in its infancy. Mobile Money Machines shows you how to get in on the ground floor of this brand new marketplace, now, and capture your share of the profits.

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In an August 2011 study conducted by Pew Research, it was found that more than 83% of all Americans own a cell phone. And since most cell phones these days have Internet access, it’s pretty safe to assume that almost 83% of Americans are using their cell phones to conduct Internet searches. And that doesn’t even count the number of people using Blackberries, tablets and other mobile devices.

What are they searching for? Typically, they’re searching for local information. The directions to the nearest Italian restaurant, the phone number for a tow truck, the times for the next showing of ‘Shrek’.

What makes the mobile marketplace so intriguing? Well, for one thing, while all of these people are searching for information, they’re also usually doing something else. They’re driving their car (EEK!) or they’re walking through a mall or standing in line at the grocery store. They’re mobile, they’re moving around, and it takes some effort to capture their attention.

But once you have their attention, you have a highly targeted audience. They searched for the nearest tow truck driver because they need a tow truck now. Not next week or sometime in the future. They’re not looking for a tow truck driver in case they ever need one. They’re looking because something is wrong with their car NOW and they are ready to pay someone to help them with the problem.

Mobile Money Machines shows you how to capitalize on all those mobile searches. It’s difficult to put affiliate ads on a mobile website. Searchers come to your mobile page with one thought in mind – I need an answer, now. They typically don’t navigate your entire site and they don’t like to scroll. So page space is at a premium when you’re building mobile sites.

Mobile Money Machines also provides the templates and training you need to set up mobile websites, and this might be the best part of the package. It’s not easy setting up a mobile site. You have to strictly focus on keywords and create a page that will quickly grab the viewer’s attention. Targeted content is crucial, but navigation is critical, too. And to top it all of, all mobile devices operate differently. A page that looks great on one device might just be a twisted mess of gibberish on another.

So here’s what you get with Mobile Money Machines:

  • Templates and step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions for building a network of mobile websites
  • Tutorials and videos so you can see exactly how to implement this program
  • The secret to using your mobile marketing campaigns to grow your list
  • Pre-written messages and instructions for loading your autoresponder
  • How to get even more traffic and sales when you add in Facebook
  • How to scrape mobile phone numbers
  • How to set up a profitable sales funnel
  • How to drive tons of hungry traffic
  • And more!

In 2010, more than 55% of all cell phone usage was related to Facebook. That means more than half the time the average person was using their cell phone they were updating their Facebook status or chatting with friends online. What if you could not only break into the mobile marketing arena, but capture all those Facebook readers, too? And even better, what if you could get all of their names on your list?

Mobile Money Machines only starts with setting up mobile websites. From there you’ll learn how to monetize those sites and set up an automated email response list. You’ll learn how to integrate Facebook marketing strategies into your mobile sites so you can dominate the entire marketplace.

More important, you’ll also learn how to scale your business to the next level. Learn how to build a profitable funnel that keeps buyers in the loop – in YOUR loop – and keep the money flowing. Just like a cash machine!

At only $47 and with a complete, 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied beyond belief, Mobile Money Machines is well worth the investment. Get started building up your own mobile empire now, before it turns into just another noisy marketplace.

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