MMO Niche: Should You Really Enter It?

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The question, “Should you really enter the “Make Money Online” niche?” kind of implies that someone told you you should and I can only assume it was someone who’s probably just as inexperienced at making money online as you are. But, since it’s a serious question and one that’s frequently asked I’ll take a stab at controlling my sarcasm and try to give you one of my famous, thought-provoking answers.

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Yes, by all means, do! Go ahead and jump right in with both feet!

Look, here’s the thing… If you have to ask if you should go into any niche, no matter what it is, and you’re seriously looking for someone else to answer that question for you, then do yourself a favor and don’t quit your day job. But let me break this down and be a little more specific:

If you can’t make this decision yourself then you need to learn more about researching a niche before you jump in with both feet. You will never see those successful, six-figure bloggers asking if they should enter a market. They don’t need to ask. They know because they… researched the market.

If you’re going to rely on other people to help you make these minor business decisions, what are you going to do when you get to complicated decisions like should you send visitors to a squeeze page or a landing page, or should you use Aweber or iContact? Man up because the ride hasn’t even started yet.

The very fact that you’re asking this question indicates just how inexperienced you are, and trust me it’s not just an assumption, it’s abundantly clear. That being said, if you do enter the make money online niche, who’s going to follow your blog? More important – Why would anyone want to follow your blog? You’re obviously inexperienced which means you’re not an expert, yet you really think you can tell people how to make money online?

Now, if you did the research you’d see that this niche is so far beyond “saturated” they don’t even have a word for it. The Internet is papered with blogs in this niche, most of them started by inexperienced newbie bloggers who thought it would be cool to tell people how to make money online because it’s what they’re most passionate about right now – building a money-making blog – so it’s highly probable there are others out there interested in the exact same thing.

But what are you going to blog about, because you don’t have any experience yet and the very fact that you’re asking this question indicates that the amount of useful information you could provide your readers probably wouldn’t amount to a 350-word blog post.

Had you asked me, “Hey, I’ve been researching this niche. What do you think?” well, that’s another story. It implies that you have at least a basic understanding of the Internet marketplace and you realize this may be a saturated niche but you also know that anyone can compete as long as they’re willing to work their butt off. But that’s not what you asked, now is it?

Should you enter this niche? Yes. Please do. Send me a link when you get your blog set up because that’s one blog I want to follow.

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  1. Tamara Garrison-thomas

    Love your perspective. I blog and I’m in Internet marketing and enjoying the results I’m seeing. Internet or affiliate marketing is one income source I use to monetize my blog, Thanks for your input.

    1. Thank you for your comment Tamara! Keep me posted on your progress with internet marketing!

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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