Making Money Because of Your Blog as Opposed to Making Money Directly From Your Blog

I know it doesn’t happen often but every now and then you’ll trip over a blog that has no obvious signs of monetization – no AdSense ads in the posts, no banners in the sidebars, not even an Amazon search widget. How do these bloggers do it? They don’t make money directly from their blogs, they make money because of their blogs.

Many of these blogs don’t even get what you and I would consider a significant amount of traffic, yet in most cases they produce as much or more income than blogs monetized with traditional methods. I know of a freelance writer who’s lucky if he gets 100 visitors a month and he has no desire to go after more traffic because he just doesn’t need it for his business.

How Do You Make Money “Because” Of Your Blog?

Obviously, the only way to make money is to sell something, usually a product or a service. In most cases, bloggers who make money because of their blogs are promoting themselves or their own products or services.

Consultants – If you’re an expert in your niche you can develop your own online consulting service. People are visiting your blog because they want to learn something and there are plenty of people out there willing to pay for an in-depth, one-on-one consultation.

Freelancers – Writers, graphic designers, copywriters, blog designers, CAD experts, virtual assistants – the list goes on. You’ve seen yourself how crowded the Web is. Webmasters pay good money to hire talented people to help with all aspects of their online business. And there’s still a huge market for freelancers willing to work offline, as well.

Speakers – If you’re an expert in your niche and you enjoy public speaking there are clubs and organizations in even the smallest towns who’d be interested in hearing your presentation. You can even set up your own seminars and charge an admission fee.

What You Need To Make Money “Because” Of Your Blog

High-quality content – It’s important to provide high-quality content when you’re promoting affiliate products simply because you have tons of competition. But generally, your job is done once your visitor clicks your link. At that point, the advertiser takes over and provides the kind of over-the-top content that gets the sale.

When you’re promoting yourself you are the advertiser. If you want people to hire you as a consultant, a speaker, or as a content provider or designer, then you need to show them you’re THE expert in your niche, not just another blogger.

Targeted traffic – Even the highest-quality content won’t do the job if you’re attracting the wrong traffic. My freelance writer friend first started blogging about writing tips. The traffic she attracted consisted of people who wanted to learn how to write. When she started blogging about how and where to use your online content to attract traffic, then she started attracting readers who wanted to know more about the benefits of using high-quality content. Her traffic numbers are a lot smaller but it’s targeted traffic that converts.

The biggest difference between making money directly from your blog and making money because of your blog is the type of content you need to provide. Instead of always tell your readers how to do something, be sure to tell them why it’s so beneficial if they do it. Then, when they can’t do it themselves for whatever reason, they’ll be happy to hire you.

Stéphane Kerwer
Article written by Stéphane Kerwer (1995 Posts)
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  1. Victoria @ My Daily Cuppa
    Victoria @ My Daily Cuppa

    I like the idea of always including the benefits of doing something rather than just the How Tos.

    I am slowly trying to figure out whether I will be making money directly from my blog or because of my blog. Most probably the latter but I look forward to the journey ahead :)

  2. Mikhail

    It’s true that having blog can boost your credibility if you’re a consultant.

    And what’s great is that your blog doesn’t even have to be super popular.

    As long as your content is amazing, your prospects will know more about you and you’ll have a better chance of getting hired.

    Nice article.