Mailing List Explosion: Use These External Ways

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There are plenty of external ways to explode your mailing list just like there are plenty of external ways to explode your blog traffic. There’s no law that says you’re never allowed to leave the boundaries of your blog. This is the Internet. There are no boundaries.

external ways to explode your mailing list

When you stop and think about it, a large portion of what happens on your blog is as a result of efforts you expend off your blog. You get socially engaged on Twitter and Facebook, you work on building backlinks at article directories and bookmarking sites, you guest blog on other blogs and network with other bloggers in relevant niches, and you drive traffic to landing pages you have scattered all over the Web. So why not move off your blog, get creative and use some of these external ways to explode your mailing list.

Set up a landing page

The first thing you need to do is create at least one landing page. You’ll be gathering up people from all over the web and while you can send them to your regular opt-in form on the home page of your blog, a landing page is even better because it’s very focused and there’s nothing to distract your visitor from the task at hand. A landing page has targeted copy, and a strong call to action that almost orders people to subscribe to your list.

External sources for traffic

Your RSS feed – Even if you only have a few RSS subscribers that means you have people out there who’ve never seen your blog. They don’t know you have an opt-in form and your giving away a freebie. If you’re using WordPress there are two plugins you can use to add a bit of content to your RSS footer. One is appropriately called RSS Footer and the other is Sexy RSS Footer. Add a blurb with a link back to your opt-in form.

Your Fan Page – Aweber has an app that will let you install an opt-in form right on your Facebook Fan page. If they haven’t changed things too much, you can even set this contact page up as your default page. You won’t need to send them to your lander because the form is right there on your fan page.

Guest blogging – Most blog owners aren’t as critical as the article directories when it comes to where you send your traffic. So long as you’re not linking out to porn sites or other nasty content, they’re fine with whatever links you use. Talk up your incentive offer in your byline or resource box and send visitors to your landing page to opt in.

Social media/social proof – Use social media to send people to your landing page only don’t just send them. Let them know they’re not the first. Use Tweets and messages like – 5 more people just downloaded my free ebook at [link], or Don’t be the only person on the planet who hasn’t seen my free XYZ! If you’re really getting the subscribers put a counter on your landing page for even greater social proof.

Let your subscribers help – Give your subscribers a freebie they’ll want to share – and make sure it has a prominent invitation and link to your landing page. Then stand back while your already-happy subscribers pass your information around to all their friends.

Article marketing – If you’re submitting articles anyway, send one of your links to your landing page. Most directories will allow you to link to your own landing page but you’ll want to check the TOS first, just to be sure. Make sure you use anchor text that lets the reader know where they’re going to land when they click that link.

Welcome and engage – If you have the time and the means, set up a different landing page for each traffic source and label it. ‘Welcome Twitter Followers!‘ or ‘Welcome Facebook Fans!‘ will make your landing page feel more personal and you’ll make a better connection with the visitor. Personalized + better connection = subscriber.

There are pockets of traffic all over the Internet and you can reach out to all of them. There’s nothing that says you can’t leave your blog and you’ve already seen what happens to your blog traffic when you do. Now put that external traffic to good use. Get busy using some of these external ways to explode your mailing list and watch your income grow.

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Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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