Magazine Style Theme: Should You Use One For Your Blog?


Starting a blog can be exciting and frustrating all rolled into one. You are looking forward to the possibilities, but the many decisions you have to make can leave you unsure of what to do. One of those decisions is how to design your site. There are a number of theme styles that you can choose from and you may find yourself uncertain about which one is right for you. One option you have is the magazine style. Is this the right theme for you? The answer lies in knowing a little more about your blog and what you expect from it.

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magazine style theme

Before you choose a theme for your blog design you need to choose a theme for the content. What is your main topic? Every blog has a specific focus of interest. The fact is that some of them work well with different themed designs. Others tend to do better with a specific style. Deciding upfront what your content will be is an easier way of deciding what kind of design you want to try. While you can switch designs later, it is often best to find the right one from the beginning and only change when your readership has been established.

Speaking of your readers, they will tell you a lot about what theme to choose. What do your readers expect from you? If you have yet to start the blog or know your readers then it is time to make an educated guess. If you know the content that you will deliver then you have a fairly good idea of the market you are trying to attract. Put yourself in the position of one of these readers and imagine what you would look for in a blog. Would a magazine theme fit your expectations? Suiting your blog to what your readers expect will keep them happy and ensure that your design is always appreciated.

In the end it will come down to one basic question. Does the theme fit in with the blog? For some blogs the magazine theme fits in perfectly. For others it would stand out and look odd. You have to take an unbiased look at your blog and determine if the theme you are choosing makes sense on the page. Colors can be changed in most themes, but the basic design will remain the same. So spend a little time examining your options and choose the one that just seems to fit in perfectly.

Designing a blog is not usually the exciting part for the blogger. You are eager to get started on the content, build up a base of readers and see where it takes you. But you have to remember that without a good design your blog may not be successful. Take your time when making a selection and always choose with the best interest of the blog in mind. Keep readers happy and you will see more benefit from the blog you have created.

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