Magazine Game Plan: 3 Tactics You Can Also Use To Bank From Your Blog

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You favorite magazine might cost you $5 or $10 a month but subscription fees are only a drop in the bucket compared to the money that publisher makes off of advertising fees in each issue.

And when you think about it, your blog is like a magazine.

You have lots of relevant, informative content, all focused on a central theme.

So why not take a look at three tactics magazines use to make money and see how they can be applied to your blog?

Featured Advertisers

A featured advertiser should be someone who’s brand is relevant across the bulk of your blog. For example, if you run a baking blog then Wilton would be an excellent featured advertiser because of their extensive line of bakeware, baking supplies, and instructional guides and videos. A link to Wilton would probably be appropriate from almost any post on your blog.

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Create a featured article about the company and the products or services they offer. At the same time, interview someone affiliated with the company and post an insider’s interview. Follow it up with product reviews, How-To’s, and informational-type articles.

Then, give their banner ads high-profile positioning on your blog – at the beginning and end of every post, above the fold in your sidebar and especially on your popular posts and pages.

Sponsors for Featured Content

With a featured advertiser you’ll be promoting only one advertiser at a time on your blog, across all of your content. While this approach is great for some blogs, it may not work if you already promote several different brands or manufacturers. For example, your baking blog may promote Ecko, Rachael Ray, Pillsbury, and dozens of other manufacturers and brands.

Finding someone to sponsor featured content works a little differently. The sponsor pays for one post that promotes a number of different products. “The Baking Blog’s Top 50 Must Have Baking Tools for 2013 Sponsored by Wilton.

Now, Wilton is still getting closer to their market and they’re increasing market and reader engagement.

Classified Ads

Every magazine on the stands has some kind of classified ads section. These aren’t the sponsored ads in your sidebar, although they could be for the right price.

Consider using an AdSense block, or adding a post that promotes an affiliate product. If you have a blog that focuses on local content, consider setting up a page and opening it up to your readers or local businesses to run classified ads.

Many bloggers are setting up “Resources” pages where they list the programs, plug-ins, themes and other resources they use and then link to them with affiliate links. Instead, try turning this into a classified ads page. Write content that sounds more advertorial and see if it attracts more attention.

Remember, one of the biggest selling points of magazine ads is the ability to include those huge, high-quality images that attract the reader’s attention. This isn’t the time to practice with your Paint program. Use professional quality images with these magazine strategies and grab your readers’ attention.

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  1. Sarah

    These are some interesting strategies for blog monetization! I’ve never looked at it from a magazine point of view and I find it to be quite refreshing. Thanks a lot for sharing Steven. It’s definitely got me thinking.

  2. Chris

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but it appears that you have already implemented 2 of these 3 strategies on Dukeo: featured advertisers, and sponsors for featured content.

    What about classified ads? Any plans to implement this in the future?

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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