Lower Google Rankings: Can They Increase The CTR?

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I’m in a weird mood today so this is one of those thought-provoking “what if” blog posts. What if you could increase your click through rate by providing no-so-killer content and NOT improve your WordPress SEO? What if you could actually make more money from poor-quality content? Would you do it? Don’t laugh. Chitika says it’s possible and they have the stats to back it up.

Chitika published an article on their blog back in August of 2011. I know. That was a while ago, but the concept still holds water. According to that article, you could actually be making more money in clicks if you stopped worrying about index position. Here’s how it works…

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These days, if you want that top spot on the Google index, you’re pretty much going to have to supply your readers with top-quality content and you’re going to have to do some heavy-duty promotion and link building. All of that takes a considerable amount of time, and as I’ve said before – Time Equals Money.

Assuming you provide the best information possible, you’re the Ultimate Source of Information, why would your readers NEED to click on anymore links? After all, they’ve learned everything they need to know from you. Which is kinda the point Chitika was making in their article.

More important, according to Chitika, the sites listed in the second index position received 65% of the total clicks that the sites listed in the top position received, which is 35% fewer clicks, however…

Remember I said “Time Equals Money” and you have to spend a lot of time doing all the things it takes to get into that first position and keep it? What if you didn’t?

What if you spent 50% LESS Time (or Money) and only made it to the second position? Or the third or fourth? You’d get 35% less click throughs but you’d save 15% on elbow grease. And if you targeted the right keywords you might actually make more money than that.

But, writing the type of content that earns that number one position and attracts the best ads is time consuming to say the least. What if you could get by with doing less work?

It’s a weird scenario, that’s for sure, and not one I’d really recommend. Too many things can go wrong. For example, we all know how Google is cracking down on poorer-quality sites. And Chitika doesn’t talk about what happens if you slip off the first page, either.

More important, with a lower-quality site, you wouldn’t exactly be setting yourself up as an expert, which would make it difficult for you to grow your brand, expand your business and start promoting your own products or services.

However, it does give you something to think about and that’s why I’m bringing it up. Improving your CTR by lowering your rankings is just one way of thinking outside the box and I’ve said all along, if you want to build a successful online business you need to be creative and you can’t be afraid of taking a risk.

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  1. Howard Lee Harkness

    It is this sort of incentive that has led to the current situation where the WWW is essentially a cesspool, in which it is becoming increasingly difficult to find useful information.

    OK, maybe it’s more profitable to produce crap than top-quality content. But long term, is that the way to go?

    While totally passive and geographically-independent income (the Holy Grail) are appealing, I will probably do better just using IM to funnel new customers to my violin teaching business. There is something to be said about doing work that you enjoy.

    Plus, there really is a demand for quality search results, and it is growing & getting more sophisticated. I have noticed that M$ (Bing) is actually getting a bit more responsive to that demand than Google, at least for the things I typically seek. It’s almost like Google is so completely unaccustomed to meaningful competition that it confuses them. That, and you have to bear in mind that you are *NOT* Google’s customer. They aren’t interested in you unless you contribute at least $50K/month to their bottom line (I’ve read different, higher figures).

    I’m getting the impression that M$ actually wants you as a customer.

    Not that I’m an M$ fan, either. But I’m definitely working on reducing my dependence on Google for anything.

    1. I disagree with you Howard. I don’t find it any harder to find information on the web. There has been spammers and low-quality sites since the dawn of internet and they will probably always be there, but in my opinion, it doesn’t give an excuse to discard the whole www.

      I use almost exclusively Google for my day-to-day research and I never have any problem finding stuff online. If you don’t find it on the first search, you can always refine your research.

      I don’t think Google has become less effective. However, I’m pretty sure that people have become more lazy and like to point finger at Google whenever they can’t find what they’re looking for.

      Google is just a tool, and it’s up to you to decide how you use it.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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