Long Tail: What is It Exactly?

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There are generic keywords, then there are long tail keywords. What’s the difference and which is more important to your business and your WordPress SEO?

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What’s The Difference Between Generic And Long Tail Keywords?

Generic keywords are those basic, one-word keywords like “shoes” or “music” or “pets.” When someone types a word like that into their search engine it indicates they’re not really sure what they’re looking for. They may eventually want information on “pink rhinestone studded flip-flops” but for now they’re content just to see what the Internet has to say about shoes.

Long tail keywords generally consist of three or more words and they indicate that the searcher is ready to start narrowing his search. In other words, he’s getting closer to making a decision to buy something. Why would someone go to the trouble of typing in “pink rhinestone studded flip-flops” if they weren’t thinking of eventually buying a pair, right?

Now, when you’re doing your keyword research you’ll notice that there may be millions of searches for the keyword shoes and likewise, millions of competing pages. If you want to rank for that keyword you’d have to create one heck of an article and do some very heavy duty linkbuilding to even stand a chance. Even then, it’s probably impossible.

However, when you look at “pink rhinestone studded flip-flops” you’ll see there’s a lot less competition. In fact, you could probably grab that top spot with very little effort. But why would you want to? Because there’s also a lot, lot, LOT fewer searches, so why bother?

There may very well be a lot fewer searches but that person looking for “pink rhinestone studded flip-flops” is in the mood to buy. She may only have to see one more article or blog post and she’ll be ready to open her wallet. Remember, that person just searching for shoes has no idea what she’s looking for yet and she’ll probably visit dozens of websites before she makes her decision.

Those bloggers that have the top spot locked up for shoes still have their work cut out for them. When a searcher hits their site they’re going to have to do some fancy footwork to keep her their long enough to sift through all the boots and athletic shoes and 6-inch stilettos until she finally sees that pair of “pink rhinestone studded flip-flops“, which is what she was looking for all along she just didn’t know it.

And now that she’s seen them on that blog, she’s going to go looking elsewhere to find other shades of pink or a cheaper price or just a blog that looks more inviting and trustworthy. In other words, she wasn’t ready to buy when she landed on that blog and she still isn’t because she isn’t done shopping.

So now she’s going to go to her search engine and type in exactly what she’s looking for – “pink rhinestone studded flip-flops” – and there, at the top of the page, is the link to your blog because you were smart enough to use that long tail keyword in your blog post. Aren’t you the sneaky little devil? You just got yourself a sale!

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Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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