Link Profile: Mix Up Anchor Text And Naked Links

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If you know anything about linkbuilding, you’ll know that a lot of emphasis and importance is put on the anchor that is associated with links. Often, the keyword that you’re trying to rank your site for is used as anchor text. In recent years however a little too much emphasis has been put on this anchor text – which has left sites open to penalties and de-indexing by Google.

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Check your backlink profile now!

It’s worth having a quick look at your backlinks profile to see whether or not the links pointing at your site have been mixed up properly. If they haven’t you could be heading for a show down with Google – a show down that Google will always win. What you need to avoid is a high percentage of links using the same anchor text all pointing towards your site, it just doesn’t look natural. We all know that Google aren’t great fans of artificial linkbuilding – so any site that displays abnormal backlinks can expect to feel Google’s wrath.

As a rule your site shouldn’t have over 10% of backlinks using the same anchor text under any circumstances. It doesn’t end there though, if over 50% of your backlinks use some form of anchor text, this may also set alarm bells ringing for Google. It’s important that you use “naked” links too.

What on earth is a “naked” link?

A naked link is basically just a hyperlink with no anchor text. You could say that is a naked link. Naked links form a very, very important part of your backlink profile.

Google look for natural links posted by users – and most users won’t use anchor text when making links or references to your site, in fact virtually no one does. When users post a link back to your site on forums or on blog comments, they will almost always use a direct link – no anchor text at all.

It’s really easy to forget just how important these links are, if you fail to build any to your site and you go a bit too crazy with anchor text, you could be heading straight for a big fat penalty. There are lots of ways and lots of tools that you can use in order to post naked links.

Google are getting better and better at detecting sites and individuals who are trying to “game” their search engine. Now more than ever it is extremely important to make your backlinks look as natural as possible. Next time you’re about to hit “Go” in your automated SEO software, just remember that too much anchor may produce amazing results in the short term, but in the long term Google will have the last laugh.

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