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link love is in the airAs a blogger, I spend a lot of time reading other people’s blog on a wide variety of subjects such as SEO, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Making Money Online, WordPress, Traffic Generation, Email Marketing, Business, and many more.

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On a regular basis, I discover articles which deliver great value, so I thought you might be interested to read that too.

Here are some of my latest discoveries:

  1. Premium Posts Volume 5 Available Now
    by Martin Osborn on FinchSells
    Are you determined to make money online, but lacking the budget to compete with other top affiliates and big spenders? The latest Premium Posts Volume by Finch called “Maximum ROI Marketing” is designed for you.
  2. Making $200,000 a Month with Pay Day Loans
    by Zac Johnson on ZacJohnson
    It’s always great to hear about how others are making big money online. Not only does it inspire us to do better, but it also expands the opportunities and reach for many marketers who aren’t thinking outside of the box. In a recent interview on oDigger, LeadsMarket‘s co-founder discusses how their top affiliates are generating over $200,000 a month in commissions through the promotion of pay day loans!
  3. Are You Split Testing Your Affiliate Networks?
    by Justin Dupre on JustinDupre
    Every affiliate network and their dad’s say they don’t shave or scrub. They also all say they have the highest payouts and hottest affiliate managers. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if they are or not. What matters is that you are getting the maximum potential out of all your affiliate marketing campaigns through your affiliate networks. To do this, YOU NEED TO TEST THEM!
    by Shawn Collins on Affiliate Tip
    Want to make more money for the same traffic? Learn about ideas on how to gather data before, increase sales and show multiple offers after you make the sale.
  5. Does Guest Posting And Blog Commenting Still Work For Generating Targeted Traffic?
    by Kharim Tomlinson on Basic Blog Tips
    Lots of bloggers participate in guest posting in the effort to generate some targeted traffic to their blog. Other bloggers may use blog commenting as a means to generate this targeted traffic. My question to you is, Does guest posting and blog commenting still works for generating targeted traffic back to your blog?
  6. Defining your goals and laser focusing to achieve them
    by Nick Eagle on Empower Network
    Goal setting is such a basic starting point for any business yet so many people forget to do this one simple thing and end up wandering around and never achieving results. The reason is simply that they never sat down and figured out what they really want. I am not talking about big houses, cars or boats here. But rather what gets you excited. What is your passion. What is it that would make live worth living.
  7. How to REALLY Fix All of Your Broken Links
    by Stacy Claflin on Grow With Stacy
    Broken links on your blog can hurt your rankings and even your blog’s load time. That is why a long time ago I installed the Broken Link Checker plugin. It scans your blog and lets you know what broken links are on your blog and gives you the chance to fix them or unlink them. I thought that I was set because the plugin finds all of the broken links for me. Perhaps you have thought that too. What else could be needed, right?
  8. Facebook Marketing Mistakes Which You Should Avoid
    by Guest Author on Make Web World
    Do you really need to be told that nearly a billion people are on Facebook, or that a couple hundred million of them are logging on every day? No. Odds are, you probably don’t even need to be told that it’s a great place to market your business, whether you’re an eCommerce shop or a brick and mortar supplier. Unfortunately, many, perhaps even most, small businesses don’t understand how to use Facebook Marketing as a promotional tool. Here are some of the most common mistakes they make. Avoid these and you’ll already be ahead of the game.
  9. Best Home Based Business – Have You Found One Yet?
    by Mavis Nong on Attraction Marketing Online
    “Best home based business – have you found one yet?” Or “Are you still searching for one?” Watch a very important and powerful presentation below by Mavis’ mentor and industry leader, Ray Higdon. After watching, you’ll be able to pick the right path to becoming financially free!
  10. Earn Money Online Doing SEO Gigs or Outsource with SEOClerk
    by Kiesha Easley on We Blog Better
    As the web continues to grow, more and more people are finding ways to earn money online. If advertising or affiliate marketing isn’t your cup of tea, you can still create earning opportunities for yourself by offering your services at a great site Kiesha just found.
  11. Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Your Blog
    by Zac Johnson on Blogging Tips
    As your blog continues to grow and evolve, so will your needs as a business owner. That’s right. You’re not “just” a blogger. When your blog is a steady source of income, it’s important that you think about your blog not as hobby, but as a real business. It needs to be treated as such and that’s why you may consider investing in a small (or even a large) staff.

A big thank you to all these bloggers for sharing their views with their readers. I hope you’ll find some interesting stuff in these articles as well!

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  1. David

    The “are you split testing your affiliate networks’ post was particularly good. I have suspected for a long time that many of the affiliate programs / networks I’ve utilized have not been completely 100% perfect in their tracking.

    To Understand how commissions can be lost / forgotten / etc. is very important.

    Thanks for posting these links.

  2. Dmitriy

    Nice post. Or, it’s better to say ‘posts’ :)
    Especially I liked #5 and #7
    Thank you!

    PS. Please, correct in the beginning of the post: ‘Traffic GeneraTion’ (‘T’ instead of ‘G’)

    1. Thanks, I corrected this ;)

  3. David

    I checked out Justin’s blog on getting ripped off by affiliate programs and he confirmed what I have thought over the years. Not all of my sales get registered for a variety of reasons.

    Because I have a good relationship with one affiliate manager, I found that there were a few times – that he was able to verify that I didn’t get the commission I deserved. He was able to compensate me.

    I don’t like to bother him all of the time though, but it was enough of a lesson to know that there are many reasons that we don’t get our commissions.

    They didn’t to it intentionally, it sometimes is just due to the way the system works.

    With other programs. I’ve wondered if it wasn’t intentional.

    I heard a rumor that Epic is going out and they have not paid many of their affiliates – did you hear that too? Or is that false information?

    1. Joseph

      Hi Dave, although it’s just but a rumour for, it can be really cumbersome and annoying if they can just choose to fade in the thin air owing their affiliates a whole lots of bucks.

      The information may be false but who knows, what comes of rumour sometimes comes of reality.

  4. Joseph

    Starting right way up from the title (Link love is in the air) I can starting feeling lots of love flowing freely around me… Then comes the links which definitely kill the curiosity and give a certain urge to make sure I read each and every article listed above. Reading through what Martin Osborn,Zac Johnson, Justin Dupre,…(the list goes on as listed above) has to offer is intriguing.

    Thanks Steven for sharing exactly what you thought could be worth to your readers because you didn’t get it wrong, it really what we want especially me.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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