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link love is in the airAs a blogger, I spend a lot of time reading other people’s blog on a wide variety of subjects such as SEO, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Making Money Online, WordPress, Traffic Generagion, Email Marketing, Business, and many more.

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On a regular basis, I discover articles which deliver great value, so I thought you might be interested to read that too.

Here are some of my latest discoveries:

  1. 5 Ways to Monetize Any Website in Your Portfolio
    by Martin Osborn on FinchSells
    Develops the pros and cons of 5 ways to monetize any website. Once again Finch delivers a great article with his very personal tone.
  2. Managing Time When Working on Multiple Projects
    by Ad Hustler on AdHustler
    AdHustler shares 6 basic but essential tips to get stuff done.
  3. Marketing Fail 101: How Woody Harrelson Taught Us About the Importance of Knowing Your Audience
    by Rebecca Kelley on ShoeMoney
    Rebecca shares her views on what has to be one of the most epic fails of 2012 in online communication, the IAMA of Woody Harrelson on Reddit.
  4. Is Conversion Rate Optimization Safe for SEO?
    by James Borzilleri on Performance Marketing Insider
    As marketers and bloggers, we are always discussing about the importance of optimizing your campaigns at every possible level, but is that really safe in regards to your SEO efforts?
  5. Speed Up WordPress From 8 Seconds to 1 Second or Less
    by Mindy Koch on Social Drivers
    Mindy shares an interesting case study explaining the steps she took to improve her blog load-time from 8.27 seconds to less than 1 second.
  6. 7 Ways to Leave Comments and Drive Traffic Back to Your Blog
    by Caleb on The MarketSecrets Blog
    Every blogger should be interested to learn how to get more traffic back to their blog by commenting on other people’s blog.
  7. 10 Ways To Win Loyal Fans Through Blogging
    by Melissa Agnes on Odd Blogger
    What is your goal with your blog? One of the best ways to gain exposure is to develop a fanbase that interacts with you. Melissa shares 10 ways to develop your very own fan community.
  8. Are you Over SEO Optimizing your Blog?
    by Tuan Do on Tech Walls
    There is not a single day that goes without a handful of blog posts about how to optimize your blog to gain more search engine traffic, but are you sure you are not over-optimizing your blog?
  9. 5 Simple Ways To Keep In Touch With Your Blog Readers
    by Kharim Tomlinson on Basic Blog Tips
    Back to the basics with this article by Kharim. A blog is no a one-way communication, it’s based on sharing with an audience and (hopefully) get their reaction to what you are saying. Check these 5 ways to keep in touch with your community.
  10. The Benefits of Responsive Web Design
    by Shaan Haider on Shaan Haider
    You may have noticed that Dukeo was redesigned a few months ago. This makeover allowed me to integrate responsive webesign that automatically adapts the website based on the device you are using to view it. As a web-enthusiast, I love adaptative web-design. And since there is a plethora of different devices that can be used to browse the internet nowadays, you should embrace adaptative web-design as well.
  11. 5 Reasons Some Bloggers Neglect Online Backup Systems
    by Mikolorich on Blazing Minds
    I’ve recently had some issues with my blog due to some malicious code injection. Luckily, I had a complete backup system in place. Unfortunately, a lot of bloggers do not take this matter seriously until it’s too late and they lose their whole blog. Here is why they neglect their online backup.

A big thank you to all these bloggers for sharing their views with their readers. I hope you’ll find some interesting stuff in these articles as well!

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