Length & Frequency: Optimize Your Blog Posts For Maximum Exposure

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These questions are tricky ones that my friends keep asking me before launching their personal blog: How often should I post? What length should be my average blog post? To be honest, there is no ultimate rule to decide this, so I will just share my personal experience with you.


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Blog posts length really depends on what you have to say. I generally keep my blog posts between 500 and 1500 words. 500 words is what I need to write 3 small paragraphs on a given subject and if I have a good idea, it doesn’t take long to write. On the other hand, 1500 words let me write a more detailed post but obviously need more research work to get some interesting information to share.

Some blogs out there are posting articles as long as 10000 words, but it’s all a matter of balance. My posts may be shorter but I post some new information every single day. To me, posting frequency is a lot more important than post length.

Did it happen to you already to “fall in love” with a blog, bookmark it, visit it every day for a week to read some new posts, then one day, the posting just stops? It’s really annoying! When this happens, after a few days without updates, I just delete it from my bookmarks and move on to another blog.

When I first started Dukeo, I decided that it would be interesting to make a new post each day. That makes 365 new posts per year, which is a nice amount of fresh content for your readers! Moreover, search engines LOVE blogs which are updated frequently. It’s the best way of getting search engines attention and get good rankings for your pages.

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  1. Flash Games

    It really sucks when you start reading a blog and it just stops publishing without any explanation… I can’t list all the blogs I stopped reading because of that, but I can say it’s always a big disapointment.

  2. Jony

    I have to agree that post frequency is certainly as important as post length, if not more important, to grow a readership

  3. While I think both are important, the frequency is probably more so. At the end of the day however – you need quality original content and that is what keeps the readers coming back. Some bloggers/journalists have monthly columns and still have a massive following.

    The length of a post has to be how pertinent and relevant the information is – you only have a few secs to capture their attention and substance needs to keep them there.

    My two cents..

    1. You’re totally right Ricky: blog post length and substance is what makes people come back to your site.

      However, I am not saying that you should post every single day to be a successful blogger. It’s more a matter of consistency.

      You may be able to post only once per week, but once you decide to post once per week, you should stick to this frequency, no matter what. Or else your regular visitors will be disappointed if they see a full week without any update…

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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