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Leet-est Check Ever by Commission Junction

Steven 5 responses About Dukeo

A few days ago I received the leet-est check ever!

Commission Junction is one of the smallest network I’m working with, income-wise. I know the amount of this check is nothing impressive, but don’t worry for me, I’m making a lot more than that each month!

A picture being worth a thousand words, I’ll let you take a look at this awesome leet check.

Leet Check Commission Junction

If I had ever tried to get a check with this leet amount, I would never have succeeded, but luck is a fun thing ;)

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  1. First Website

    haha, great one! Leet-ee check :D

    1. At least one person got it!

  2. Affiliate Paying

    A nice 4 figure check ;)

    1. Pocket change :)

  3. good.. i never earned from Commission Junction..