Learning Blogging: You Should Never Stop Learning

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Maybe you fell into blogging for money because a recipe blog you started years ago took off, or maybe you made a choice to become a blogger because you recognized the myriad opportunities blogging has to offer. Either way, by now you’ve learned a few things. And the one important lesson you need to learn is that blogging is a continuous learning exercise.

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Out there in the “real” world you start a new job, learn the tasks you’re supposed to perform, and you’re done. Each day, then, you simply punch that time clock and rinse and repeat until it’s time to go home. But, out there in the “real” world, if you want to advance to a higher position so you can earn more money, you have to take on additional responsibilities and learn new skills. If you don’t, you just stagnate. These days you’d probably even end up losing that low-paying job because there’s always someone else who’s willing to fight you for it.

When you decided to make money blogging you probably thought you’d be free of that rat race. You no longer have a boss breathing down your neck, you no longer have to punch a time clock, and you don’t have to deal with the politics and back-stabbing and competition for jobs. However, if you think blogging is going to be a walk in the park, you’re wrong. Making money blogging is just like making money at a factory or sitting behind a desk. It’s a continuous learning exercise if you want to advance to the next level.

The Internet marketplace is constantly evolving. Each time a new piece of technology comes into play your market plan needs to be adjusted. Just a few years ago Facebook didn’t even exist and now it plays a huge role in the marketplace. Because Facebook is such a huge Internet gathering place, marketers have had to adapt not only their marketing techniques but their social and technological skills as well.

Years ago, WordPress didn’t exist. If you wanted to have a blog you needed some programming skills. Consequently, there wasn’t a whole lot of competition. Now, thanks to WordPress and other such programs, anyone can start a blog in an afternoon. Again, marketers had to learn new skills to adapt to this huge change in the marketplace.

Each day there are new technological advances, some so small you hardly notice, others, like the Google updates, so large they stand the entire marketplace on its ear. And each day, people searching the Internet for information become a little more Internet-savvy, a little more adept at recognizing a marketing ploy. All of these changes require that you, as a blogger, be constantly alert and willing to learn and adapt your marketing plan if you want to stay ahead of the game and grow your business.

Had you started blogging even two years ago and never made any changes to your platform or your marketing plan you’d be in the poorhouse right now. And if your plan now is to sit back and rest on your laurels, then I’ll just remind you of that boring job you had.

The benefits of blogging are tremendous: No boss looking over your shoulder, no time clock, no long hours and rush hour traffic and you have a business that you own and control. The sky’s the limit, but only if you keep learning. Otherwise, just like in the “real” world, there’s somebody else out there who does realize that blogging is a continuous learning process and he’s willing to fight you for that traffic.

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  1. Sherryl Wilson

    You hit it right on point! Blogging is an exercise in learning… one that is never over!

    1. This is what makes it so exciting :) There is always something new to learn!

  2. Thanks Good article, the greatest mistake i think we bloggers make is to expect success soon and i’ve learnt from personal experience that blogging is hard work, it’s far more than just typing articles.

    Thanks for the tips

    1. you’re right Maston! Blogging is far from being a “make money quick” scheme. It takes hard work and dedication.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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