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Some people are household names. Some people get to the point where they aren’t even household names – they’re at a point beyond that, where they’re a legacy more than anything else. Walt Disney is in the latter category. His hard work not only jump-started animation as a media form, but lead to the largest media conglomerate in the world – The Walt Disney Company. Surely Walt has a few business and marketing lessons to teach us, don’t you think?

walt disney internet marketing

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Focus on Your Legacy

For Walt, it wasn’t enough to just make cute movies. He wanted to create a legacy – something that would last long after he wasn’t around to see it any more. And by focusing on that, he created works of incredible quality that are still enjoyed by people today, over 70 years after they were originally created (Snow White, anyone?).

The fact that Walt was focusing on a legacy was clear to everyone in his company and to people outside of the company, as well, and it became an in-built part of the business. People find legacy work attractive – it makes them trust you more, and it makes them want to buy what you’re selling.

Are you creating things that are good enough to last? Do you have a larger vision? How can you convey that larger vision for your business and your customers, in everything that you do? This is one of the best things to build into your marketing at every level.

Believe in Your Products

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs took three years to finish, and during the work on it, Walt had a lot of indecision about where to go with the marketing. The press was beginning to mock it as “Disney’s Folly“, and he was pressured by some of his marketing department to remove the dwarfs from the marketing and to focus entirely on the love story between the Prince and Snow White instead (he refused to do so).

However, throughout this process, his cartoonists and animators stayed enthusiastic and loyal, even using their free time to promote the film – going around Los Angeles and putting up movie posters. And it all paid off, because Snow White was a worldwide success.

How can you inspire that sort of loyalty, enthusiasm, and devotion for your products? Obviously, the first step is for you to believe in them – which goes hand in hand with trying to build a legacy. But if you can get others to believe in them – your customers and affiliates, for example – you’ll be way ahead of the game.

Use Urgency to Increase Sales

Originally, before VHS was available for people to use to rewatch movies in the comfort of their own homes, Disney would re-release its animated films every few years to get people back in the theatre and watching again. As home entertainment came onto the scene, this morphed into the “Disney Vault“. What happens is that a movie is released for a limited time, before it’s made unavailable for sale for a predetermined number of years. This is done not only to increase sales, but to keep Disney films fresh for a new generation of children.

The fact is that even if people want or need something, they’re less likely to buy it if urgency isn’t involved. Adding some element of urgency to your purchase – whether that’s making it a limited time offer, or limiting the number of people who can sign up – will increase your conversion rate. The catch is that this technique is often overused, so people tend to be skeptical of it. Explain your reasoning in your sales copy and point out how the customer benefits from this urgency (for example, in a course, it could be more one on one attention from you), and you won’t turn your customers off.

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