Learn Internet Marketing From Roger Federer

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Playing tennis is a lot like working online. It’s stressful, demanding and there’s always a competitor lurking around the corner, just waiting to knock you down a peg or two. Each ‘sport’ has its own little tips and tricks for achieving success and its surprising how many would work on either field. Let’s see what we can learn about Internet Marketing from Roger Federer.

roger federer internet marketing

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If you don’t know who Roger Federer is, he’s probably the top tennis player of all time. He’s so calm on the court that his opponents almost think he’s asleep. Yet underneath that calm exterior beats the heart of a panther. You couldn’t sneak up on Federer if you tried, he’s just that alert.

The game of tennis hasn’t changed at all over the years. Oh, the equipment and the clothing and the players all change frequently. But the game itself is still played the same way it’s always been played – you use a racket to shoot tennis balls back and forth across the net.

The game of Internet Marketing hasn’t changed either. It might seem like it but the rules have always been the same. You need to be yourself, play your best game, and deliver quality content. We can take some lessons from Federer.

Relax and take a deep breath: So many of us are ready to throw in the towel if we’re not instantly making money online. Someone tells us they had great success with some new marketing trick, so we put everything we have into it and when it doesn’t work we think we’re failures. What we need to do though, is take a lesson from Federer. Step back, shake it off and forget about it. That game is over. Time to stop thinking about it and start focusing on the next game.

Re-evaluate your opponent: In Internet marketing we have so many opponents. We have other webmasters competing for the same traffic, we have Google and the other search engines constantly changing the rules, we have our readers who can be the most fickle creatures on earth, and sometimes we’re our own biggest opponents. We get distracted, lose focus and concentration, and become our own worst enemies.

Before you move on to the next new campaign, re-evaluate your game. Try to find out why you lost the last point so you can prevent making the same mistake. Maybe the only reason you weren’t successful the first time around is because you don’t have all the knowledge you need. It might not be something you did wrong after all.

Flex your muscles: All athletes understand how important it is to flex your muscles before and after strenuous exercise. Flexing before you compete warms those muscles up and helps you move easier while preventing injuries. But stressing after exercise is equally important. It gives those overworked muscles a chance to relax and increases your circulation.

Flex your Internet muscles by moving into marketing areas you’ve not tried before. For example, step outside your comfort zone and create a video or go design a killer Facebook fan page. If you’ve spent most of your time writing articles then maybe those writing muscles need a little break, to get the blood flowing again. When you move into new marketing areas you can flex muscles you’ve never used before. And when you increase the circulation to those muscles you’ll also be increasing your traffic.

Evaluate your tools: The rules of the two games might not change but the equipment and tools do. New tennis rackets hit the market and springier new shoes. You don’t get to be the top player on the circuit using last year’s equipment.

The same holds true for Internet Marketing. What tools are you using in your business and do they need to be updated? There’s always some new program or plug-in being introduced guaranteed to make your business run smoother and faster. If you use these tools you need to keep them up to date.

In most cases, your most valuable tool is your mind and it’s the one tool most marketers ignore. You can never learn too much about Internet marketing. Like I said, the rules change frequently and you need to keep up.

One Internet Marketing lesson we can learn from Roger Federer is that your competition changes frequently, too. Maybe you ranked for that killer keyword last month but this month your competitor may have bumped you off the page. Maybe there’s a whole new list of keywords. You’ll never know if you don’t keep your mind sharp and focused on the game.

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    The idea of the post is very original!It turns out that tone of the most famous tennis-player really has so much in common with the Internet marketing strategy!Thannks for your creative approach and helpful tips!

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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